[Editor's note: What Rongrong saw are only manifestations of the Fa at a certain level. They should serve as a reference rather than as guidance.]

1. Teacher Li Opened My Celestial Eye

One day when I was eight years old, my neighbor invited me over to watch Teacher Li's Fa-lectures together with her. While watching the videotapes, I suddenly saw that the suit Teacher Li was wearing had changed to a golden kasaya [a Buddhist monastic robe]. Very curious, I asked my neighbor, "Why did Teacher Li change his clothes? He was wearing a blue suit just now, but he changed it to a golden kasaya!"

My neighbor answered, "Really?" She hurriedly brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun and asked me to see whether the Falun emblem was rotating. [Falun means "Law Wheel"] I saw the Falun emblem rotating very fast! My neighbor was very glad and said, "Teacher Li has opened your Celestial Eye." [Celestial Eye is also known as the third eye.] From then on, whenever I watched Teacher's Fa-lectures, I would see lots of Buddhas that looked identical to Teacher, surrounding Him, sitting in ever widening, concentric circles. Another practitioner told me that those Buddhas were Teacher Li's Fashen. [Fashen means "Law Body"; an identical body or bodies made of gong and Fa].

Since then, my neighbor has often taken me to the group practice site to practice the Falun Dafa exercises. On our first trip to the practice site together, I looked up at the sky and saw countless Fashen of the Teacher all over the sky. Some were large, and some small. Above the practice site, which was large enough to hold over ten thousand people, was a field of red radiance. A large cylindrical hood with a very powerful energy field covered the entire practice site. Covering the cylinder like a lid was a very large Falun. Teacher Li sat on the Falun and watched us practicing. I also saw that above and to the right of each practitioner's head there was one of Teacher's Fashen clothed in a kasaya and sitting on a lotus flower. Another of Teacher's Fashen, one that appeared to be made of golden tipped crystal, stood behind each one of us.

Ordinarily, whenever I would read Falun Dafa books, I could see each word in the book turn into the image of Teacher's Fashen and the image of a Falun. The image of Teacher's large Fashen sat on a pink lotus flower at each page. The lotus flower looked very fresh, as if it had just burst into bloom. It was very beautiful. It was magnificent that I could clearly see the face of Teacher's Fashen even though the font size of the words was very small.

Once, while I was studying the Fa, I saw a Falun in the book start spinning, and I wondered, "What does it look like inside a Falun?" With such a thought, I suddenly felt as though I was already transported to within a boundless world. Within that world, there were Falun everywhere, no matter whether I was at the center or in a corner of that world. These Falun were separated from each other by only a very short distance, and inside each of the Falun there was an even larger Falun World. Inside each of the Falun in that larger world there was another, even larger Falun World. This went on and on, endlessly. Being inside Teacher's Fashen was similar to being inside of a Falun, in that Teacher's countless Fashen were lined up everywhere.

2. We practice Falun Dafa exercises together in other dimensions

When I used to practice the exercises alone, I always thought that my own energy was not very strong and I also felt lonely. But now, I would never think that. One day, while practicing "Buddha Showing a Thousand Hands," I went into a very cool world, in which everything was perfect and crystalline. Even the air was cool. Taking a breath, I felt myself become clear-headed and energetic. It seemed as though there was no separation between my body and that world, as if I had melted into that world. There, I saw more than ten fellow practitioners practicing the exercises with me.

While practicing the second exercise, on the day before yesterday, I saw myself practicing in a different dimension that had a dark, night-like sky. When I practiced the exercise of "Holding the Wheel in front of the Head," the Falun that I was holding rotated vertically for awhile, then toward the side for awhile, then toward the sky for awhile. It rotated successively toward each of the ten directions. The following day, while practicing the second exercise, I saw myself practicing in a dimension with the colors of bright red and reddish orange that looked like fire. However, it was absolutely not the same fire as from the world of ordinary people. Although it was not really fire, I felt heat rising from it, and it made me feel warm all over my body.

While practicing the third exercise, I saw there were many silver-white columns around me that were all as tall as the sky.

When I was practicing the fourth exercise, "Falun Heavenly Circulation," I saw myself practicing in a world composed of countless lotus flower petals. Those petals were so intriguingly arranged that, at first glance, they seemed to be in disarray. Yet actually, they were arranged in a very neat order and looked very pretty. The petals were a very bright pink and white. They shined an extremely fine radiance from within the petals, the beauty of which was too wonderful to describe in words. The air in that world smelled like very relaxing lotus flower fragrance. It was an unimaginably beautiful world. If I had not seen it myself, I would say that it felt like an illusion. Yet, it seems I am a part of that world.

I did not used to practice the fifth exercise quite so often, so my level in other dimensions differed very much from those of my fellow practitioners, even though we practiced the exercise together. I couldn't help admiring my fellow practitioners whenever I saw their true images in other dimensions. Their dignity made me not dare to look directly at them.

Regardless, I saw that the progress we had made in practicing Falun Dafa was huge and that it had occurred very rapidly. We might practice in one dimension one day, and then reach a much higher dimension the next day. Sometimes, whenever we would become enlightened to something while practicing the exercises, we would immediately move up to a higher realm.

3. Even the sentient beings in other dimensions envy us very much

One day, when I was writing down my cultivation experiences, I suddenly found that I had gone up into another dimension. A large, enlightened being appeared in front of me. I became very nervous and hurriedly backed down to keep a distance from him. When I calmed down, I saw myself to the right of and below the enlightened being, who graciously sat on a golden lotus flower that shined with an extremely fine radiance. Behind the enlightened being, there was something like the back of a chair that was connected to the lotus flower, and it looked very delicate. There was a vertical line of silver-white words in the middle of that object, but I didn't understand the words. On its back, there was a large chunk of an oval-shaped, golden energy ball right in the middle. The energy ball had an extremely high density, and it emanated the same golden color of radiance to all the directions. The radiance formed the shape of a belt and floated far, far away.

I wanted to get a good look at the large enlightened being, so I carefully moved to the front of him. Ah! Wasn't that Teacher? I saw Teacher sitting there with his eyes closed, wearing a serene expression. His hair was bright blue and curled layer by layer. I was happily surprised when I saw Teacher. It relaxed me somewhat and I began to look around. Wow! I was shocked again, to see that there were so many heavenly sentient beings around. In the foggy environment, they sometimes appeared and other times disappeared. They all sat in the meditation position with their eyes closed, holding their palms erect and reciting something. Maybe they were sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. I walked up to them and was dazzled by the very powerful energy that dashed toward me. Suddenly, I felt they were speaking to me, saying, "We so much envy you Falun Dafa practitioners in the world of ordinary people because of such a rare opportunity that you have been given. However, we feel pity for those practitioners who are not striving forward diligently."

It seemed that Teacher and all those sentient beings were right in front of me, but I knew in my heart that there were countless dimensions between Teacher and myself, and also between those sentient beings and Teacher. The dimension where Teacher stayed had a very high "intensity" (I can't find a more appropriate word to express this). My being couldn't bear such high intensity, and I knew that my life would disintegrate if I were to enter that dimension. How benevolent Teacher is! Teacher had put a round cover on me so that I would be able to directly face him and clearly see him.

4. The gong of those practitioners who stepped forward to rectify the Fa increased so rapidly!

On July 20, 1999, the persecution was initiated against Falun Dafa, and fellow practitioners began to step forward to safeguard and rectify the Fa. Some of them went to Beijing to appeal to the higher authorities, while others clarified the truth to ordinary people. Some of them secretly held experience-sharing conferences, while others were arrested and beaten. They were sent to prisons or forced labor camps, where they were wronged and mistreated. I found that the gong [cultivation energy] of all those practitioners who stepped forward to validate the Fa had increased very rapidly. I saw their gong columns increasing at such a very high rate, that they transcended multiple galaxies in mere seconds. The speed of their progress was several times that of when they had previously been practicing at home. I saw Teacher pay special attention to those practitioners who were arrested or imprisoned. When I visited those fellow practitioners in the meeting rooms of prisons, I saw Teacher's Fashen sitting to the right and above, or to the left and above the practitioners' heads. If they were determined or maintained righteous thoughts or spoke to me with resolute belief, Teacher would be moved, even to the point of tears. If they had many attachments and said things that a practitioner shouldn't say, Teacher would shake his head and sigh. Some practitioners' attachments were too strong, and they became "enlightened" along an evil path. When they said something that a practitioner shouldn't say or did something that a practitioner shouldn't do, Teacher would look very sad, shake His head and leave. Teacher would leave the practitioner if he or she completely failed a test, but would then return when the practitioner was passing another test. Teacher would no longer look after a person any more after they had become too deeply "enlightened" along an evil path or had stopped practicing Falun Dafa.

Once, a fellow practitioner and I visited a third practitioner who was imprisoned in a forced labor camp. When we met, I could see that the practitioner was very resolute. After the meeting, as that practitioner was being taken back to his cell, I saw a golden fruit-like thing drop from above the meeting room door and enter the practitioner's head at the moment the door was shut.

5. It is so important to study the Fa!

In almost every Fa-lecture, Teacher has told us to study the Fa, study the Fa and study the Fa. So it must be very important to study the Fa. Through studying the Fa, we came to understand the principles of various high levels and there would also be manifestations of gong. I'll say it's so very important to study the Fa! I saw that when we opened Zhuan Falun, and many swastikas floated out of the page that we had opened. [The swastika is also known by the Sanskrit word, "srivatsa," which means "wheel of light." The swastika has represented the Sun, connoted good fortune and been held in positive regard by many different cultures for centuries.] The swastikas entered our bodies through the tops of our heads, after which they would slowly rotate toward different directions. The colors of the swastikas were determined by the practitioners' levels. The higher the level, the finer and softer were the colors of the swastikas. It made people very comfortable when seeing them. The colors were not so pretty for the practitioners whose levels were not so high, however. I saw that when a practitioner's body in another dimension reached a certain level, there would appear a shining spot located in their chest, about one inch above the heart and close to the back. All the swastikas that entered the body when we studied the Fa would gather around that shining spot, the size of which grew larger and larger as its color grew brighter and brighter. Its density became higher and higher, until it finally turned into an oval-shaped energy ball. Since I don't know how to accurately describe it, so I'll just call it an energy ball. I saw that almost all of my fellow practitioners now had such an energy ball. Some were the size of a chicken egg, others were the size of a duck egg and some were as large as a goose egg. The size of the energy ball was determined by the quantity and quality of the practitioner's Fa-study. The color of the energy ball was bright yellow. It was shiny and crystalline. The radiance emanating from it was too beautiful to describe in words. This energy ball is priceless to practitioners.

I saw that when we studied the Fa, the color of the swastikas that entered our bodies would be gray-colored and impure if we were not focused on the Fa, or if we thought of other things while keeping our eyes on the book. All those gray swastikas also entered into the energy ball. Gradually, some black substance would appear like sediments at the bottom of the energy ball. I don't know how to get rid of the black substance, but I guess that after the energy ball grows to its full size, we might be able to get rid of the black substance through studying the Fa.

6. Sending forth righteous thoughts is extremely powerful

Teacher said, "All matter, including the human body, exists simultaneously in connection with dimensional levels of the cosmic space." [Zhuan Falun, Lecture Two, "The Issue of the Celestial Eye"] Previously, I had not had a good understanding of this. Once, however, when sitting in meditation, I took a look at myself with my Celestial Eye and saw that my body in this dimension was composed of countless miniature selves that looked identical to me. I chose one "little self" and entered into it, finding that it was composed of countless miniature "little selves." Entering into one of these, I found that it was composed of countless even smaller "miniature, little selves." This went on and on, endlessly. All these "little selves," "miniature, little selves," and "even smaller, miniature, little selves," together comprised my body in this dimension. Although they were all connected to my body in this dimension, they all existed independently, as well. They connected with microscopic dimensions, respectively composed of atoms, neutrons, neutrinos and other particles in the universe.

Once, when I was sending forth the righteous thoughts, I saw all those different levels of myself sending forth righteous thoughts in unison with me. My "little selves" were all lined up in endless rows, from small to large. They were of different ages, with the youngest ones looking just like I did at seven years old. Some of them assumed my current appearance, and others were even a little bit older than I am now. They each wore a gold band on their head. In the middle of the band, where the Celestial Eye was located, there was an oval-shaped object that looked like an embedded, precious stone. The color, the energy strength and the fineness among the precious stones ranged from weak to strong. The dimensions where the different levels of my being resided ranged from shallow to deep and from the microscopic to the macroscopic. They all followed me whenever I was sending forth righteous thoughts in this physical dimension and reciting the verse, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos; the evil is completely eliminated." Their voices were clear, melodious and laden with powerful energy. The reason that it is so powerful to send forth the righteous thoughts is because while I am doing it in this molecular dimension, they are simultaneously doing it in dimensions that are correspondingly composed of atoms, neutrons, neutrinos and smaller particles. Together we are eliminating the evil forces in the Three Realms and in other dimensions. I saw my Primordial Spirit controlling all of them. If I wasn't focused and happened to misread a sentence, they would follow my mistake; so we should pay attention to this issue. When sending forth the righteous thoughts, our Primordial Spirit must be clear-headed and focused.


(To be continued)