(Clearwisdom.net) At 8pm, April 14, 2002, Gangtun Town Police Station Director Wang Aimin and Political Instructor Wang Ying led 5 or 6 policemen to break into Dafa practitioner Zhang Enxing's house unexpectedly. Two of the policemen grabbed Zhang and started to drag him out of the house. Zhang passed out right on the spot because of a seizure. They had to put Zhang on a bed and left three policemen to watch him. They were waiting for Zhang to wake up so they could take him away. Zhang woke up at 2am. When he saw that all the guards had fallen asleep, he left the house.

When the policemen found that Zhang had left, they immediate took Zhang's wife, Li Xianglan (also a Dafa practitioner, 52 years old) into the police car. They questioned her about Zhang's whereabouts while constantly kicking, punching and cursing her. They drove to an isolated place and pushed her out of the car and forcibly pressed her to the ground. Three to four policemen beat her with their feet and fists. When they were tired, they dragged her into the car and drove to the Zhangjiagou Village Office to continue the brutal beating. The village head just stood there watching. One policeman seized a one-foot long abacus and hit Li's arm and hands without restraint and did not stop even when the abacus was broken to pieces. He grabbed another abacus and continued the beating. Li's hands were terribly swollen and one of her fingers was cut with a one-inch long slash, blood was all over her hands. Eventually, the 2nd abacus was broken as well. The other policemen grabbed her hair, slapped her face and kicked her breasts, arm and other parts of her body. Then they threw her into the car and beat her continuously inside the car until the car arrived back at her house. They got out of the car and gave Li's son-in-law (who does not practice Falun Gong) a fierce beating. After that, they drove Li's son-in-law and Li to Gangtun Police Station where Wang Zhanjie questioned them. The other policemen kept beating Li violently during the questioning. They used a flashlight to hit Li's head, and they punched her with their fists and kicked her with their feet. In the end, Li's son-in-law had to promise that he would find his father-in-law within 15 days. If he failed, he would be detained. Then, the policemen finally stopped torturing Li. The next morning at 8am, April 15, the police released them. The son-in-law's back was very painful and sore for several days. Li Xianglan was injured more seriously. Her ears and left arm were black and blue. Her body displayed wounds everywhere. She dared not even turn on her back when she was sleeping. For several days, she could not do any housework.

Zhang Enxing, avoiding arrest, hid on the mountain for three days and nights without anything to eat or drink. Then, he went down the mountain and stayed at a relative's house for a night. However, someone reported him to the police station. Zhang had to hide on the mountain again. Police searched the mountain for the following two nights. Over ten people searched everywhere with flashlights. Zhang had no choice but to hide in a valley for two nights. Although exhausted, Zhang later walked out of the valley. He took a bus on a big road and escaped successfully. Currently, Zhang moves from place to place to avoid illegal arrest.

Gangtun Police Station Phone #: 86-429-4131376