(Clearwisdom.net) In Zhuan Falun, Lecture 7, Teacher said, "The issue of jealousy is very serious as it directly involves the matter of whether you can complete cultivation practice. If jealousy is not abolished, everything that you have cultivated will become fragile." I remember in the Lecture At the U.S. East Coast Conference, a practitioner asked what 'everything' is referring to in saying "If jealousy is not abolished, everything that you have cultivated will become fragile." Teacher answered: " 'Everything' mentioned here of course refers to all the righteous thoughts during your cultivation practice. Righteous thoughts in fact are also the same as righteous understandings. It means that the portion of you that has been fully cultivated might become very fragile." (Draft translation)

I wondered why my righteous thoughts were not strong in my cultivation practice, and I felt that it was most likely related to the attachment of jealousy (of course there are other reasons). This kind of human notion manifested itself in my cultivation like this: When I saw others cultivate better than me, I felt jealous. When others didn't do as well as me, I looked down upon others. Later, when I talked with a young practitioner, I asked her, "Do you feel envy toward others when they score better than you on examinations?" She said, "I don't feel jealous, instead, I feel happy for them. It is a result of their hard work, and the fact that I scored less than them means I need to work harder to catch up." What a pure heart! This made me feel that it was time for me to rectify my mind in cultivation.

I also realized that the gods in this universe do not have mentalities like, "If your level is lower than me, I will look down upon you, or if your level is higher than me I will feel jealous or try to flatter you." This enables me to treat my fellow practitioners fairly and eliminate this incorrect human notion of ranking or levels of authority.

I also came to understand that Falun Dafa practitioners are one whole body, so if one practitioner cultivates well, that benefits the whole group. Seeing this, shouldn't I feel happy for them? If my standpoint starts with the whole group, the heart of jealousy will disappear completely.

The above is my personal understanding, please kindly point out the parts that you think are incorrect.