(Clearwisdom.net) At the beginning of June 2001, Mr. Liu Yonglai and several other Falun Gong practitioners were forcibly sent to the Male Division of Dalian City's Forced Labor Camp. As soon as they arrived, the division guards and division security personnel beat them brutally and further abused them. For instance, Liu Yonglai was burned over a large area of his body by electric batons. During the most extreme periods of torture, six to seven electric batons were used on the body, especially shocking sensitive parts.

After Mr. Liu was forced to declare to give up the practice of Falun Gong, the guards still kept on abusing and mistreating him. They forced him to shout out and write words to slander Dafa, and read and write so-called "exposure materials." At the beginning of July the mistreatment and abuse intensified. Mr. Liu Yonglai couldn't bear the inhuman tortures, so he jumped out of the building and died. After his death, the guards were in chaos. Several guards who participated in beating practitioners were transferred to other duties. But soon after, more than 20 practitioners were sent to Guanshan Forced Labor Camp without having been given any reason; that showed the persecution was escalating again.

The Dalian City Forced Labor Camp authorities forced Liu Yonglai's death; the lawless officials of the camp must take complete responsibility for his death.

The following is some supplemental information for the case of Liu Yonglai and his being abused and mistreated to bring about his death:

1. On the morning of July 7, 2001, policeman Jiang Tao led the detained practitioners out to work. After Mr. Liu Yonglai died, the officer was relegated to No. 5 division. Another policeman who was directly in charge of Liu Yonglai was Zhu Fengshan. This person was extremely vicious and treated the unyielding Dafa practitioners cruelly. After this incident happened, "he lost his spirits" and was relegated to No.3 division.

2. On the afternoon of July 7, 2001, Qiao Wei, chief of the male division at that time addressed the class where Liu Yonglai belonged. He lied about Liu Yonglai and said that he committed suicide because he dreaded punishment for his crime.

3. Before Liu Yonglai died he told a practitioner he wrote his will, but this practitioner's whereabouts are unknown. After Liu Yonglai died, the division officials all claimed to outsiders that Liu Yonglai left no posthumous writings or last words. But later, a policeman admitted that Liu Yonglai did leave writings behind. What facts did the labor camp authorities try to cover up?

4. After Liu Yonglai died, in order to cope with the investigation, Chief Qiao Wei and Instructor Wu tried to ask some practitioners to swear that Liu Yonglai committed suicide because of dreading punishment for his crime. But all the Dafa practitioners firmly resisted their requests, so this attempt failed. Later, Qiao Wei was reassigned to another place.

5. The hands of the policemen who were involved in this case are stained with Dafa practitioners' blood. Among them, Chief Qiao Wei, Policemen Wang Jun and Jing Dianke were extremely cruel. Jing Dianke spared no effort to torture Dafa practitioners in order to be promoted.

6. Liu Yonglai's death made the evil force in the labor camp restrict their wantonness and shocked the hearts of those practitioners who were forced to compromise and become collaborators. Later these collaborators wrote "solemn declarations," one by one.

Comments: The law of Dafa strictly forbids suicide. We hope practitioners could hold on under any humiliating or cruel circumstance and should expose the persecution by their righteous thoughts coming from Dafa. The authorities in Dalian City's Forced Labor Camp caused the death of fellow practitioner Liu Yonglai and in the near future, we will definitely judge the murderers according to the law.