April 30, 2002


Officials in Buyunqiao Town, Qidong County, Hunan Province are demoted

Officials in Buyunqiao Town, Qidong County, Hunan Province, including Party Secretary Luo Diguang, Mayor Wang Shaofeng, and Police Station Chief Zou Aiming, maliciously persecuted Dafa practitioners. Ten practitioners were kidnapped to a labor camp, 20 practitioners were sent to long detention center terms, and 60 more were given short-term detention center sentences. All three individuals were demoted to regular employee status, due to an accident.

A case of immediate retribution in Rizhuang Town, Laixi City, Shandong Province

Wang Lunwen, 69 years old, was a resident of Rizhuang Town, Laixi City, Shandong Province. In early March of 2002, he removed some Dafa posters because of his wrong opinion towards Dafa. After he finished his task, he volunteered to remove more Dafa posters. On his way back home he fell from his bicycles and later did not feel good. He managed to report to work in the next couple of days. The last day of work he fell again from his bicycle. He never returned to work again, and died about one week later.

To cherish Dafa is to cherish your own life. "Good will be rewarded with good and evil will meet evil" is the truth of the universe.