I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. I have been made homeless and am forced to move from place to place, because of my determination to cultivate Falun Dafa. On February 13, 2002 (lunar calendar January 2), I was abducted on my way home by up to 7 employees from my work place who, along with a police officer, had been waiting long to catch me. They forcibly sent me that night to a Provincial brainwashing center. For two and a half months I endured inhuman tortures. I personally witnessed the true situation of the brainwashing "classes". With the help of Master's strengthening energy, I have borne all of these tortures and on April 27, I walked out of the brainwashing center in a dignified manner. I now want to write down my personal experience, to reveal the truth of the persecution to the world's people.

The So-Called "Legal Education" Center

The so-called "Legal Education" Center is located in Beicheng Street, Shijiazhuang City, and is a part of the City Labor Camp. This jail-like facility is equipped with tall walls, iron gates, and is full of camera monitors. There are two main buildings - a south building and a north building. All of the abducted Dafa disciples are locked in the north building, the windows of which are covered with wire mesh. There is only one door to the north building, and it is guarded 24 hours a day. Two "Accompanying Educators" watch over one Dafa disciple 24 hours a day (practitioners who have given in to the persecution have only one guard). Today, this so-called "Legal Education Center" has become a base for specifically persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. Every day there is a human tragedy playing out in this place, and the public is completely unaware of it. There are more than 20 abducted Dafa disciples still being held there. Among them, Kiang Fan (male, 29 years old, employee of Huber Pharmaceutical Factory) has already been detained there for over four months, and he is still being tortured.

Ten Days of Continuous Sleep Deprivation

When I was first abducted, the police appeared to be "nice" to me. But facing the illegal detention that deprived me of my freedom, I did not cooperate with the persecution at all. Two days later, the evil beings tore down their "nice" appearance, and on the sly, they did not allow me to sleep for ten consecutive days. During these ten days, group after group of police took turns trying to brainwash me. They tried to pour lies into my head, and tried to force me write four kinds of "guarantee statements" (declarations that a Falun Dafa practitioner will never go to Beijing to appeal, never again associate with other practitioners, never again spread the Fa, and is sorry to have practiced Falun Gong in the first place) when I was too tired to think clearly. One police officer from the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] named Kong Fanyun threatened me by saying, "If you still will not be transformed [and sign the guarantees], we will send you to a forced labor camp; when your term is up and if you are still not transformed, we will send you back here; you will never get out unless you become transformed. There is no possibility to be released by going on a hunger strike." He also added viciously, "Don't even think of any chance of redressing (Falun Gong). Even if it were to be redressed, I wouldn't allow you to go free. I will kill you, so that you will never be out of here (in time for the redressing of Falun Gong)."

I had been on a hunger strike ever since my first day there to protest the illegal detention. The police said they were conducting "humane force-feeding to be responsible to lives." In fact, force-feeding is cruel torture. They use very long, thick feeding tubes, and fiercely insert it into your stomach, which is unbearably painful. They used this method to torture people. They put too much salt into the force-feeding milk. Every time they force-fed me, I felt like I was walking in hell once more (I had been force-fed before while in the detention center, but that was not as evil as here). Every day they force-fed a large amount each time. The tenth day, Kong Fanyun had someone bring a laminated photo of our Master, cursed it with vicious words, then tried to force me to step on the photo. I struggled hard against this evil attempt.

15 More Days of Continuously not Being Allowed to Sleep

They did not get what they expected in those ten days of torture, and just two days later, another round of torture began. The police assigned several traitors [former practitioners who have renounced Falun Dafa due to extreme mental pressure and torture] to take turns to "work with me." They would not allow me to rest one bit. As soon as I closed my eyes, they would come over and separate my eyelids, or poke my eyeballs. Even during their meal time they would stay very close, watching my eyes. This time the torture lasted 15 days. Every day, together with physical tortures, they would try to pour ridiculous words into my head. Total sleep deprivation is their main method. In order to prevent me from falling asleep, the police used various means, such as punching my forehead, hammering my thighs, twisting my ears, separating my eyelids, or hammering my head with anything they could grab. An evil traitor, Zhao Juyong, would inhumanely pick my eyes, and flick my eyeballs, which caused me unbearable pain -- worse than dying. In the later days of this torture, I could not bear it any more. They forced me to walk inside the room back and forth. Two times I fell asleep while walking, so that my head bumped into the wall, or the door, and I received huge bumps on my head. Also I experienced hallucinations, and could not see things normally. The last night, I could not even sit straight on the stool (they would not let me sit on a chair, to prevent me from sleeping), and I constantly fell down from sitting on the stool. Every time I fell down, they would pull me up and make me sit back up. However, the evil torture could not move this Dafa disciple, and their plan failed again.

After these 15 days, the exhausted evil police lost their confidence. They rotated practitioners who had enlightened on a wrong path [and who therefore had renounced Falun Dafa] to watch me. Basically, they still would not let me sleep. But sometimes some of those who went on the wrong path could not bear to torture me too much, and they would let me nap while leaning against a chair. Then they forced me to repeatedly watch movies that slandered Dafa, 24 hours a day. Due to long periods of time sitting, my legs and feet became all swollen. My feet especially were swollen severely.

The Completely Fabricated "Four Guarantee Statements"

During the second round of fierce brainwashing, besides not allowing me to sleep, they tried to force me write the four statements. The first time, the evil policeman Kong Fanyun instructed a group of security guards to force me onto a chair. They used a round table pressed against my chest, while some of them pressed down on my shoulders, some of them choked my neck, some twisted my left arm, and others held my right arm tightly. They all gripped me very tightly. Evil Kong came over and spread my fingers apart, then put a pen in between my fingers. He then tightly held my right hand and began to write some crooked words on the paper. I used all my strength to resist. They finished the "first statement" using all their might, and grabbed my hand to press a fingerprint on it. Later they bragged in front of me, "You've already written [a guarantee statement]." My right arm muscles were wounded because of being over-stretched and gripped so tightly, and I was in pain for a very long time. They repeated this maneuver for a second and a third time. Each time it was led by former practitioner Zhao Juyong with a group of assistants. Zhao would hold my hand, and as he saw me struggle against it so wholeheartedly, he would slam my hands against the edges of the table or the chair, causing my hands excruciating pain as if the bones were being shattered. The severe wounds pained me for many days.

On another day, a male assistant named Liu Lihui brought several vicious assistants, including Yang Jie, Xing Xiao, Li Ming, and others, and force-fed me alcohol while they pressed me down on a chair [note: Falun Dafa practitioners do not drink alcohol]. One female assistant, Cui (around 50 years old -- they said she was the "nicest teacher" there) also came to help them. I struggled fiercely; about half a mug of liquor went down my throat. Cui put some water in the mug and then poured it onto my head. She told me that they would do more of this later. They would often blow cigarette smoke in my face, trying to move my faith this way. I was not allowed to be visited by my family, or even to be sent necessities.

Lives that Lost their Human Conscience

Many practitioners who were abducted and brought to this place could not bear the tortures, and when they could not think clearly, accepted the brainwashing. The painful thing is, some of them even lost their human conscience. I saw that Wang Bo, Yang Jie, Xing Xiao, Yang Kailiang, Liu Lihui, Wang Guilan, and Wu Yongxin have been viciously persecuting others after being lost.

The more evil ones like Zhao Juyong had already changed over to an inhuman mindset. He is the head of assistants. He never has specifically designated tasks, but leads every torture attack with great pleasure. He always led the force-feeding. He constantly beat firmly cultivating Dafa disciples. Once when many people were attacking me, he grabbed a chopstick and poked my body hard. Xing Xiao saw him poke my soft body parts, and afraid that something bad would happen, he suggested that he instead poke my chest and ribs. The chopstick was broken in half because of his hard poking, and he still would not stop. He grabbed a TV antenna connector, folded it, and then whipped my head with the iron end till my head was bleeding. He twisted and pinched my ears many times. My left ear was festering for a long while. Once when he saw me wearing a pair of cotton shoes, he viciously crushed my toes with the heel of his boots. My feet were in pain for a long time after this. Once he came to twist my ear again, so I tried to block him with my hand; he suddenly grabbed one of my fingers and broke it backwards, then poked my eyes with his hand. I tried to avoid his attack, but he still managed to poke into the corner of my eyes. He was still not satisfied. He used the corner of a book to poke my eye; although I closed my eyes, my eyelids were cut. This evil scoundrel was very admired by the Brainwashing Center. I heard that as a Falun Dafa practitioner he had formerly been sent from the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp to be brainwashed in the violent Beijing Tuanhe Labor Camp. There he had endured many tortures himself. But now he let out his revenge wildly onto Falun Dafa disciples.

This place of horrifying persecution was described as the "happy reunion place" of Wang Bo's family by CCTV. There are often visitors from other provinces. The Central "610" Office uses this site as their model brainwashing center. The evil persecution continues to create tragedies every day in this location. At least 150 Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured here. There are still more than 20 practitioners detained there, and the evil ones are still abducting more practitioners and bringing them in. A few days ago, they arrested two young female Falun Dafa practitioners. Zhao Juyong and his evil gang do not use doctors for force-feeding, and instead conduct the force-feedings themselves. Dafa disciple Jiang Fan was abducted from his work place, and has been illegally detained here for more than four months. Because he never gave in, they sent him to the forced labor camp for more persecution. Nevertheless, this cruel persecution cannot move genuine Dafa cultivators. We call upon all righteous people to please extend a helping hand and help stop this evil persecution towards kind people. Return justice to the human world and to people's hearts, and return the heavenly law!

Phone number of Hebei Province Brainwashing Center, 86-311-7792624-ext.8012 or 8013.