My direct boss is one of the members of the "Help-Educate" group. In order to make him clear headed, I often tell him the truth of how the Chinese dictator slanders Falun Dafa and how Falun Dafa has been spreading all over the world. At the same time, I always discipline myself according to the standard of Dafa, being compassionate to others. He experienced the power of Falun Dafa through my conduct, and realized the media reports were all fabricated. So he often said to me, I want to apologize to you and your husband. If an opportunity occurs, I would apologize to him directly. I often replied him kindly, "Do not worry! You were out of control of the situation, I do not hate you at all."

One day, I suddenly sensed that my way of replying to him was indulging the evil. I should help him stop doing any thing that damages Dafa, in order to truly save him. So I said to him, "I am very glad that you are regretting and apologizing about your behavior in the past. This proved that your conscience has not died yet. Maybe you will have a wonderful future because of this thought. But more importantly, you should not cooperate with the evil any more. Do not leave any more regret to your own life. You are smart and have a righteous thought, you can deal with any orders from the evil."

The holidays are approaching. My boss asked me where I planned to spend the holiday. I asked him as my answer, "Is your boss asking you to question me? You know the evil always persecutes us during the holidays, watch where we go, and deprives us from our freedom. These actions are illegal. Is your question from your self personally, or from your boss's order?" He said quickly, "It is from myself. I am truly sorry! I did not know this question might harm you." I said, "You know last Spring Festival, initially I planned to spend the holidays home. But I was forced to go far away with my whole family in the end (to avoid persecution.)" My boss said, "I know. Sorry about that! Truly sorry about that!"

May 14, 2002