April 25, 2002


  1. Officials in the Liaoning Province Dalian City Railway Operations Division have become Sick or Injured

    Xu Cunshen, the Dalian City Railway Operation Division Party Secretary; Tian Mongling, the Workers Union Chairman; and Ma Zhishen, the former Wafangdian Operation Division Party Secretary; persecute Dafa practitioners, and deprive them of their right to employment.

    Xu Cunshen broke his leg when he was walking downstairs. Tian Mongling has cancer and is currently being hospitalized. Ma Zhishen has liver disease.

    Xu Cunshen's work number: 411-5731293

    Tian Mongling's work number: 411-5731263

  2. Numerous Evil Policemen in the Shandong Province Qidu Police Bureau are Sick

    Recently I noticed that there were many policemen that were seeing doctors when I took my child to the hospital. After I came back to work, one of my coworkers said: "Those were easy cases. Look at the head of the Police Bureau, he has already been in the hospital for a long time because of his serious heart disease. It would amaze me if they [all the policemen] don't get hospitalized, since they persecute Falun Gong so madly."

  3. The jaw of the Party Secretary of Helongjiang Province Baoquanling Agricultural Machinery School who often slanders Dafa was hit by a three-wheeled bicycle and was dislocated. So far he still cannot report back to work.