(Clearwisdom.net) The measures used by the police to persecute and torture Dafa and Dafa practitioners are simply despicable. The following are several incidents that I personally witnessed or heard about:

1. A residential representative refused to issue a marriage certificate to a female practitioner. The practitioner asked, "Do you mean that since I practice Falun Gong I'm not allowed to marry? What kind of logic is that?" The evil people have no sense of reason and are simply not following the law when doing things!

2. After my brother graduated from university, the city's human resources department refused to assign him a job because he practices Falun Gong. He was fired after he obtained a part-time job on his own elsewhere. He thereafter passed physical and the entrance examinations for graduate school, but a "Political Background Form" had to be completed. Since there was an item on it that required applicants to give their opinion of Falun Gong, he tore up the form and decided that he would rather give up his graduate studies than defame Falun Gong [knowing that the only "correct" opinion would be the official view of the Party]. While his family and relatives were feeling sorry for him, a miracle happened. An admission letter to graduate school was mailed to my brother.

3. Just over a hundred days after I gave birth to my baby, my workplace forced me to write a letter to renounce Falun Gong. After I declared that I was determined to continue my cultivation in Dafa, the police asked the supervisor of my husband's work unit to threaten my husband, and claimed that they would harass and cause trouble for my elderly and ill parents. Under the threats of the evil forces, my husband often beat me, so badly that my whole body was injured and bruised. Isn't this terrible family situation another piece of factual evidence of Jiang and Luo's regime's persecution and torture of Dafa and Dafa practitioners?

4. My supervisor, who actively tortured and persecuted me, had a son with congenital diseases. Everytime after she asked me to "speak with her," her son's condition worsened. Recently, her son died. Just two days before her son's death, she was still trying to find someone to find out my current opinion of Falun Gong and any intentions I had. My colleague told me that she lost her son while only being middle aged and that this was an example of immediate retribution!"

People! Awaken! It is not that the good hasn't received any reward and that the evil has not received retribution, rather it is that time is not up yet!