(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa Information Center reported on March 29 the news coming from Dalian City, Liaoning Province, that a disabled Falun Gong practitioner, Zheng Wei, died after being cruelly tortured in Dalian Labor Camp. This is the fifth Falun Gong practitioner confirmed tortured to death at Dalian Labor Camp.

Zheng Wei, who was handicapped by a severe hunchback condition, had been illegally detained at Dalian Labor Camp for reeducation through labor because of his firm belief in Falun Gong. During the detention period, the labor camp did not show any sympathy for his condition but instead tortured him, treated him inhumanely, humiliated him and made fun of him. He died shortly after his release in April of 2001. Because information is blocked and difficult to recover, the reporter did not receive details of his death until one year later.

Both Dalian Labor Camp and the Dalian Judicial Bureau have refused to answer questions concerning Falun Gong. Officials in charge are not willing to take phone calls from reporters. The Law Department of Dalian Judicial Bureau expressed that "For Falun Gong, there are other departments who take care of things concerning it due to some reasons associated with it. We do not handle Falun Gong cases nor have we had these cases."

Clearwisdom.net has already reported several cases of Falun Gong practitioners severely beaten and tortured to death at Dalian Labor Camp, such as those of Yu Lixin, Wang Qiuxia, Liu Yonglai, and Cheng Jiafu, who are all dead due to torture carried out within the Camp.

Clearwisdom.net has also published many articles describing the tortures received by practitioners at Dalian Labor Camp. It was reported that Dalian Labor Camp was actually carrying out a bloody persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the name of "Educating, changing by persuasion, and saving" people. The labor camp invited TV journalists and forced the "transformed" practitioners who had been brainwashed to sing, dance and talk to reporters about their experience after being "transformed." The Camp has used this means to create media propaganda to fool the general public. Behind the scenes, iron handcuffs, high-voltage electric batons, and the triangle leather belt are used to severely torture those practitioners who refuse brainwashing. Even after several practitioners had been tortured to death, the labor camp still does not restrain itself. During this period of time, the director of the labor camp, Hao Wenshuai, the deputy director, Zhang Baoling and the head of Dalian Judicial Bureau, Hao Baokun were the people mainly responsible for the death cases.

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