(Clearwisdom Net) In the Handan City Forced Labor Camp, a Falun Dafa practitioner was tortured into weighing only forty kilograms (ninety pounds), but he firmly maintained a righteous mind and refused to yield (renounce Falun Dafa). Then, the vicious people sent him to the brainwashing class organized by the CPC School in Fei Township, but he was still indomitable. Later Li Rizeng, a policeman from the Fei Township Police Station, sent him to a detention center.

Chen, a vicious policeman in the Fei Township Detention Center, always instigates the prisoners to beat the Falun Dafa practitioners there. One time as the practitioner went into a cell, Chen told the inmates, "Beat him up, he is a Falun Gong!" Sometimes those prisoners used a high-pressure water hose to squirt the practitioner, making his mouth and ear fill with water. Because the practitioner went on a hunger strike, Chen shocked him with an electric baton in order to force him to eat. Chen shocked the practitioner's back and front side, but neither way made the practitioner give up. Then, Chen had some prisoners force-feed him with salt water. After they pried open his mouth with a toilet brush covered with excrement, the salt water choked his nose and mouth and made him throw up pus and blood. When the perpetrators eventually took the tube out, it was stained with blood. They were forced to give the practitioner a transfusion since his life was in danger. After being tortured, he had a high fever, his body was odorous and his limbs had no warmth.

While the practitioner was on bail at home, the authorities ordered one associate supervisor from the township hall, one responsible officer from the local police station, and one temporary staff member from the village to watch him closely, twenty four hours a day. One of them claimed, "Wang Xingzhao (their boss) told us that it didn't matter if he was dead or alive as long as he didn't disappear." To force the recovering practitioner to yield (renounce Falun Dafa), the police kept pressuring him every day and tried to get his family, friends, neighbors, and other folks he knew to sway his emotions. Since he refused once more, a policeman threatened his dad, "Don't let him eat anything until he says that he will give up the practice. Either let him live or let him die, but don't make him half dead. If you give him food, I will fix you." The vicious people assumed the practitioner's recovery was too slow, because they couldn't wait to send him to be brainwashed.

On the evening of September 10, they forced the practitioner's family members, friends, and neighbors to pressure him, while Li Rizeng threatened, "Tonight is your last chance. If you refuse, we will take you to our group office and lock you in a room. No one will be allowed to see you, nor will you be allowed to eat or drink. Since you refuse to yield, we will blame practicing cultivation for your death." Another cop said, "Hurry up! If you don't give up tonight, I will write in the report, 'Failed to respond to family and education. Cut off the relationship with the family members.' We will make you give up, no matter whether you are dead or alive. What happens has nothing to do with your family. We will let your father sign it and lock you in our group office until you starve to death, then put you on TV and blame cultivation insanity for your death." The practitioner was forced to leave home on September 11.

The vicious people set up a brainwashing class at the CPC School in Fei Township, where they "teach" practitioners with slanderous materials. One staff member said, "I am unwilling to brainwash you, but my boss made me come here. I cannot disobey." An official from the justice system asked a practitioner after class, "It would still be alright if you were lustful, but what will you get through practicing cultivation?" It was found that another "lecturer" from the CPC school would peek at the female practitioners through the windows after everyone went to asleep. It wouldn't be surprising that Jiang and Luo's scoundrel gang uses this kind of degenerate person to brainwash practitioners.

One policeman who had a righteous mind said to the practitioners in the class, "The practitioners who were released upon completion of their term in the forced labor camp were again sent to the detention center, where they refused to yield even after being beaten and tortured. Now they have been brought here. In my view, the system is filled from top to bottom with nothing but scum."

Later the practitioner was forced to become homeless to escape persecution. One morning he was arrested again when he hung a Falun Dafa banner. Now he is being illegally held in the local detention center with no details disclosed. In light of the savage treatment that perpetrators used on him before, his current situation is worrisome. We expect practitioners to send forth the righteous thoughts, so that practitioners can be freed from the imprisonment that is controlled by the evil forces.