My name is Liu Hui. I'm 29 years old and I was a Chinese language and literature teacher at Jinqin Road Elementary School, Jinniu District, Chengdu City. I have practiced Falun Dafa for four years since the end of 1997, and have benefited a lot. Dafa has been persecuted since July of 1999 by the dictator. I have been treated unfairly because I keep my belief in the universal principle "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance".

Two years have passed. Does not the practitioners' ability to maintain peacefulness, benevolence, and discipline despite all kinds of inhumane treatment demonstrate their purity? Who is the embodiment of "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance?" Who represents falseness, evil, and violence in the world? Let's allow for the facts to verify the truth.

  1. On the morning of July 20, 1999, I was visiting my relatives. The local policemen searched my house, questioned me, and confiscated my Dafa books by force. I was labeled "the contact person" because I helped local practitioners buy Dafa books.

  2. On New Year's day of 2000, because I wanted to go to Beijing to appeal, I was detained for three days in the Nongshi police station of Jinniu District, Chengdu city and then continuously detained for 47 days in the detention centers in Jiuru village and Lian Hua village. During my detention period, many policemen questioned, slandered, threatened, and deceived me one after the other. Because I refused to read a newspaper that slandered Dafa, I was punished by being made to stand up and by being beaten. I was foot cuffed and handcuffed for over thirty days because I practiced the exercises. During my first half month there I had both my hands cuffed behind my back. I could not eat by myself, go to bathroom, or lie down.

  3. After I was released in February 2000, the police station forced my family to lock me inside our home and prohibited me from going out. I was not allowed to see anyone else other than the person who was responsible for "brainwashing" me. I asked them many times when they would release me, and since nobody answered my question, I fled after nine days and went to Beijing to appeal. My company wanted to fine me over 30,000 yuan (500 yuan is the monthly salary of an average Chinese worker) for the cost of retrieving me from Beijing, but I refused to pay.

  4. On March 3, 2000, I was illegally detained in Jiuru village again, this time for fifteen days. The policemen asked me to publish an article in the newspaper that slandered Dafa. After I refused, I was illegally detained for thirty days in the Lianhua village detention center. The policemen asked me to slander Dafa at the Sichuan Cable TV station and make up false news, but I did not cooperate with them. My family was told to monitor me after I was released, and I was sent to "enhancement" class in Jinniu district for brainwashing every day. It was another form of detention.

    In the brainwashing class, some policemen abused practitioners whenever they wanted to. They provided us with lunch everyday (they did not allow us to bring our own lunches) and forced everybody to pay 300 Yuan RMB.

  5. In May 2000, I strongly expressed that going back to work was a just course of action. But, when I went back I was denied the right to teach. I was given a cleaning job and could not get any bonus. The police station did not allow me to send or pick up my 4-year-old child from the day care center (I was alone with my child since my husband worked in Abeizhou and my family all lived in the suburbs). Thus, I had no choice but to send my child to kindergarten. They told me that it was easier to monitor me this way.

    The school officials sent someone to monitor me and follow me. Even the fact that I taught my child "don't fight back when you are hit by somebody else and don't curse back when somebody else curses at you" and that I taught my child to be good was reported to the police. My colleagues at the school did not dare to talk to me.

  6. On May 20, 2000, I took my child to play at Nanjiao Park and talked to a practitioner. The plainclothes policeman said it was "an illegal connection." He hit my face with a bottle and with an umbrella. He knocked my head and cursed me in front of my child. After three days of detention in the police station I was detained in the Lianhua village detention center.

    A policeman from the Lianhua village detention center forced a prisoner to confess that I had been doing the Dafa exercises at night. Because of this they used a torture instrument on me. I was handcuffed and shackled in a position called "Dragon Holding a Column." I could only bend my waist, half squatting and half raising my hip. I could not eat, go to the bathroom or go to sleep, so I went on hunger strike. After a couple of days I was secretly transferred to the Ninxia street detention center (they told my family that they could not find me and my family searched everywhere for me). In order to force me to eat, the Ninxia street detention center force fed me cruelly by inserting a wide and long tube into my stomach. They did not allow the tube to be taken out and they told a prisoner to watch me. It gave me a low fever. I could not breathe and felt extremely uncomfortable. After a day and a night, the tube was full of blood and the prisoner could not stand to look at me.

  7. In July 2000 I went to my husband's workplace to visit him. A local practitioner had gone to Beijing to appeal. The county mayor and the police said it was me who called the practitioner and told him to do so. They threatened my husband, telling him to order me to leave right away or else they would apprehend me. The policeman Chai X from Nongshi police station, Jinniu district, Chengdu city called my husband's company many times and threatened my husband with being fired. My husband was so afraid that we had to separate.

  8. On July 6, 2000, I took my child to play at a practitioner's home that I knew. Less than five minutes after I went to the house, the policemen from the Citang street police station dragged me to the police station by using an identification check as the reason. Then they instructed the security personnel to turn an electric fan on to the maximum setting and have it blow on my back, and to turn the volume on the radio all the way up and have it close to my ear. Many people cursed at me and kicked me. They even ordered a female to drag me in public by the rubber band used to tie my hair, to damage my cup and throw it into a garbage can, and to insult me using dirty words. It lasted from morning until night. When they dragged me, the wooden sofa was bumped by the policemen and it clipped my child. He cried loudly because of the pain. The policemen cursed at him "Your bad luck serves you right," and left right away.

    At night, Chai X locked me in a room and told me the detention center did not want to keep me and that he could detain me in the police station for a long time. When he hit me, he hit my child by slapping him. My child went flying and landed a couple of meters away. The rear of his head hit the ground first and after a while he began to cry. On the following day, I requested to have a dialogue with someone but nobody answered me and they told me they did not care if I died. The president Wu Bo twisted my shoulder, causing it to crack, and then cuffed my hands behind my back.

  9. On July 19, 2000, the appeal material that I wrote was transferred to Nongshi police station, and the evil made up the lie that I had distributed fliers on the Tian Bridge. Thus, they dragged me from my home to a police car and then illegally detained me for thirty days in Lianhua village.

    During my detention period, I was handcuffed by three people, and had shackles placed on me that had been used by a male prisoner who was sentenced to death. I could not eat, dress, sleep, or walk so I went on hunger strike again. I was trampled on the ground by a couple of people while they force-fed me through my nose. The president instructed them to feed me with milk using a face-washing bowl [it is normally used for washing one's face, not for feeding]. They inserted the tube a couple of times and finally got it through. I was bleeding from my nose and I vomited blood. It caused me to have high fever of forty degrees (Celsius), my whole lymphatic system was swollen, and I could not move due to the pain. Many big and small swollen lumps grew in my esophagus and oral cavity up to my lower chin.

  10. On October 1, 2000, National Day, the police tried to catch me again. I was able to evade them due to a kind person's tip. I could not go back home until October 8th. The police station called my relatives a couple of times and threatened them.

    After I went back to work, the school officials tried to trick my child so that they could find out information about me for the purpose of monitoring me. The police station asked the door guard to monitor me. They often eavesdropped and spied on me from underneath the door and from the window. They knocked on the door whenever they felt like it and said that they wanted to know if anybody was home. They even slammed my door after 2 a.m. My child was so afraid that he cried loudly and said that the police had come here again to apprehend me.

  11. When I was at work in November 2000, the school principal and a policeman tricked me into going to the police station. Feng X, the #1 department head of the police station, Chengdu city branded me with unwarranted labels such as the so-called "Trying to overthrow the government" and he handcuffed me at the police station for three days and two nights. Over ten people searched my house by force and claimed this was not searching but just looking, and therefore they did not need any identification.

    Feng X threatened me, saying that he would get my husband fired from his job, not allow my child to go to school, confiscate my house, and do other similar things as well. They claimed that somebody had reported me and although they had not searched anything this time, if somebody were to report me again they would send me to a labor camp, even without any witness, and just according to this person's words.

    I had to leave my home on November 21 and lead a vagrant life.

  12. On February 5, 2001, I was detained for two days in the Qingyang Zheng street police station because I distributed "self-immolation truth-clarification materials." The police station forced me to be photographed. I was handcuffed on the iron balustrade. The evil beat another practitioner and confiscated his 300 yuan and his watch, and did not return them to him. I was sent to Ningxia Street, where I went on hunger strike to protest the persecution.

    The policemen from the Chengdu city, Ningxia street detention center did not take the stomach tube out and tortured me purposely. I bit off the tube. They ordered a prisoner to open my mouth with a stick, pinch my lower jaw, my lip, and lower chin in order to feed me barbarously. It caused my tooth, mouth, and lips to become rotted and abscessed. They also ordered the prisoner to beat me and torture me in the monitoring room during the feeding. Cursing happened everyday. I had my hands cuffed behind my back and I was also shackled.

  13. I was given the illegal sentence of a year and a half on March 9, 2001, and then I was detained in the Zizhong Nanmuci Female Labor Camp

  14. Those practitioners that were very firm and not willing to give up were given especially severe treatment. The policemen instructed a prisoner who had been a drug addict to watch me for 24 hours, limit my water usage; that is, I was not allowed to wash my face, wash my feet, or take a bath, and the prisoner did not allow me to change my clothes or talk. I had to get up at 6 a.m. and stay up until 11 p.m. or 12 p.m. at night with my face against the wall, my feet against the wall and both arms raised straight up and against the wall. Some practitioners' feet were swollen and they felt faint and fell to the ground. The prisoners who had been drug addicts beat, kicked, and cursed at practitioners whenever they felt like it and they took away practitioners' property.

    Three prisoners who had been drug addicts force fed me. They tried using a steel spoon handle to force open my teeth but did not succeed, breaking a couple of steel spoons. My teeth were loose and bleeding with the upper teeth sticking out. My face was black and blue. They pinched my nose for a long time when they force fed me and did not allow me to blow or breathe. Sometimes they force fed me with chili oil. While force feeding me, they dropped rice on my face and splashed water onto my neck. I had to sit on a little stool from the morning until the afternoon and could not sleep. They left me to suffer in the sun and I could not move into the shade, but they told my family that they often let me get some fresh air and get some sun and that it would be good for my health. The evils spread rumors everywhere that I had been transformed and told those so-called "education assistants" to torture me spiritually.

    In June, the policemen formed strictly controlled group #9 for those firm practitioners that did not give up. Three or four people monitored each practitioner, not allowing us to speak, and not allowing us to do many different things. It was like "prison inside the prison." I did not cooperate with their routine, or the force-feeding, nor I did not write the so-called ideological report. The policemen shocked me with an electric baton, and encouraged the prisoners to beat me and slap me. I was punished by being made to stand barefoot for two days and a night. I stood on the ground for the whole night and was bit by mosquitoes, and I was forced to sit in the lotus position for a day and a night.

    A team leader with the last name Zhang was very vicious. I was forced to stand in "soldier position" during the summer; I was not allowed to wash my face or take a bath, and I burned underneath the scorching sun without my shoes (to protect her feet from the hot ground). Because of my hunger strike, which lasted nearly half a year, I was extremely weak, faint and knotted all over the body. After a little break, I had to continue to stand. I was very skinny and my shape had changed. My eyes often lost their ability to see and the doctor said that my internal organs had failed. I had not had a period for half a year. With a humpback and my chest dented, I could not stand straight at all. The prisoner who kept monitoring me tied my hands up with rope, stepped on my chest with his foot and stuck me on the wall or on the bed to press me very hard. He also brought some food in front of my face and let me look at it, left the lights on and did not allow me to go to sleep, claiming that it would restore my appetite. After a couple of months' of torture, I fainted again and the back of my head hit the edge of an iron bed. It opened a big crack, bled a lot, and was sewed with a couple of needles. Team leader Zhang did not let me take a break and called me to stand in the line with the others. As a result, I fell down on the ground, twitched, and stayed unconscious for a long time. The prisoners told me later that while I was unconscious, I sometimes cried and sometimes smiled, and called "Mom" continuously. They all cried at that moment.

    On August 3, 2001, the labor camp called my family in and collected the so-called "medical expenses." They arranged for me to be given medical tests outside the prison, and they let a prisoner write false verification that they had treated me humanely and that they had fed me three times a day including milk, soy bean milk, egg drop soup, and meat (in reality team leader Zhang ordered the prisoners to force feed me every three or four days, saying that they should not let me die and not let me live well either). They also threatened the practitioners, telling them to not speak out.

  15. On August 7, 2001, the policeman Chai X and the school principal apprehended me again and brought me back to the labor camp. They said the procedure was not correct and so detained me at group #1. There were no practitioners there. The prisoners were not willing to force feed me. First they felt it was too troublesome, and second they thought I would die soon and so it was unnecessary to be shamefully inhumane. After six days, I could not sit up. They sent me to the hospital and my blood pressure was "15/20." They gave me intravenous infusion from morning until night and forced fed me through a stomach tube. I did not cooperate with them and was bound on the bed.

    I was close to death and could not give any more blood. The doctor was very surprised that I had clear thinking after a seven-month hunger strike and that I was in good spirits.

    The fact that I went on hunger strike was not "suicide" as mentioned by someone. The righteous law cultivation does not allow killing, and suicide is also very much a sin. However during these troubled times when good and evil are disordered, the Dafa practitioners have had their basic right to speak taken away. Now, appealing according to the law is a sin, distributing truth-clarification materials is against the law, refusing to speak is considered "stubbornly resisting," and speaking the truth has been taken advantage of by the persecution. Is it a sin to believe in "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance" and to have your own beliefs? I can only use my own precious life by suffering through this hunger strike, to call out a message for myself and millions upon millions of other practitioners: please distinguish between the righteous and the evil, and between benevolence and viciousness, stand up for justice, and let the law become the sharp sword that protects justice, that protects human beings' welfare, and that eliminates the evils! Stop Jiang's evil behavior, which replaces "managed by universal law" with "managed by one human being's opinions," and has changed the "country's laws" into "Jiang's household laws." This evil behavior has caused the country to become Jiang's tool by which he vents his personal anger and persecutes good, kind people!

Kind people, please don't tilt your balance of conscience towards the evil. Think about the lessons that history has left for people and remember that "Good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil" is a heavenly principle.

Person Appealing: Chinese Citizen, Liu Hui

Fall 2001 in the prison

(It has been reported that in the middle of September, Liu Hui was transferred from a labor camp to the Chengdu Hai County Hospital and that she was illegally detained there and monitored by many people. She went back home in the middle of October. However, the Jinniu district education committee, the police station, and the street office sent six people every day to her house to monitor her, illegally detain her, and make her home a prison. According to her neighbors, they even questioned Liu Hui's family when they went there for a visit. She is prohibited to walk freely and is followed by someone everywhere she goes. Before the 2001 Chinese Spring festival, they installed extra steel fencing outside the window of her house. They added two layers and the window cannot be opened. The district education committee sends the residents living within the same courtyard to monitor her. Her neighbors are afraid to talk to her.)