(Clearwisdom.net) During the last few days, while Jiang has been on a state visit to Germany, Dafa disciples have been sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Gods from other dimensions charged with safeguarding the Fa have put in place a shell encasing Jiang's body. The spirits in possession of Jiang's body cannot escape, and the evil outside the shell cannot enter. In this situation, when Dafa disciples send forth righteous thoughts, it should be quite easy to completely eliminate all of the spirits possessing Jiang's body, and the evil should have no way to supply more possessing spirits, so Jiang would soon meet his end.

The old forces absolutely do not want to allow Jiang to be destroyed so quickly, so they have basically mobilized all of the remaining evil, encircling Jiang and his surrounding shell with large groups of evil beings that serve as reserves. When Dafa disciples send forth righteous thoughts, the evil beings outside of the shell around Jiang's body fall in droves. Immediately, large groups of evil beings held in reserve rush up to take their place. Even though they cannot supply the spirits possessing Jiang's body, tens of thousands of them can serve as a "wall of flesh," protecting the spirits inside Jiang's body from being eliminated by the Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts.

In the last two days in Germany, a grand battle of enormous proportions has been carried out in other dimensions, involving great divine beings and Eight Types of Heavenly Law-Guardians standing by Dafa disciples. Others such as divine dragons have joined the battle as well. Master has led various Fa-safeguarding gods to the battlefield. Master is very displeased with the old forces' obstinate desire to keep Jiang alive and their using enormous mutated life forms to dissolve and damage the shell around Jiang's body without concern for the consequences. Master has also eliminated many deviated beings Himself. The intensity of these two days of battle has been indescribable, involving countless numbers of beings and gods.

Master has also eliminated numerous deviated "gods" from the old cosmos, many of whom were from very high levels. After these great "gods" exploded, their bodies and cosmic systems shrunk into gemstones of various sizes and colors, and they were discarded into deserted hills and forests on Earth. In fact, there are many times more gemstones on earth now than before.

I used all of my gong potency to send forth righteous thoughts. I saw that I was participating in the battle in various dimensions. Because the levels of the dimensions are so numerous and diverse, and have different times, I was an old man in some dimensions, a young child in others, while in others I was a man in the prime of life. This time, Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts have eliminated many evil elements, but there is still much evil left. All of the evil has been compacted into the segment of the Earth's surface. Since there are so many evil beings and the space is so narrow, the evil is trying everything to find gaps. Many disciples feel more unsettled than before, as countless evils are trying everything they can to find a place to hide.

In addition, the electricity that we use is material similar to "blood" in the aliens' bodies. Without this "blood" in their bodies, the aliens have no way of surviving, so they first inject it into the Earth. Without electricity, it is as though humans also have no way of survival.