(Clearwisdom.net) The evil forces in Changchun continue their relentless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Inside news recently revealed that, due to an overload of practitioners arrested in the local area, the Changchun Political and Judicial Commission decided to relocate a group of Falun Gong practitioners secretly to Northwestern China and Xinjiang for further persecution. At the same time, the cruel authorities at Changchun Chaoyanggou Labor Camp indiscriminately used lethal weapons such as pickaxes, electric batons, and fang-like batons to brutally beat practitioners, whose cries were heard every day.

News from inside the Changchun municipal authority reports that Changchun has illegally arrested more Falun Gong practitioners than the system can handle. Since the local area did not have enough space, the Changchun Political and Judicial Commission decided to forcibly relocate a group of practitioners to Northwestern China to be secretly persecuted. Residence Commission staff reported that if Falun Gong practitioners had been arrested for posting Dafa materials, they were to be sent to Xinjiang Province.

Among the Falun Gong practitioners who were arrested in March, many were illegally sentenced to forced labor. Some were arrested from their homes and sent to labor camps even if no Falun Dafa materials had been found when their places were searched. All those found with materials were to be sentenced.

The evil at Changchun Chaoyanggou Labor Camp is putting up a last-ditch struggle. The disciplinary guards are acting as murderers. They intend to either transform the practitioners or beat them to death using pickaxes, electric batons, and fang-like batons. Some Falun Gong practitioners have been so severely beaten that their heads have become injured beyond recognition. Inside the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp there are cries continuously. It is a hell on earth. The most evil of the ruffians at Chaoyanggou Labor Camp are said to come mainly from the Second Team.

It has also been reported that in Changchun at the beginning of April, there were several cases of using primary school students to spread rumors to defame Falun Gong. Residents are increasingly reporting dissatisfaction with their government for scaring people. They are also concerned about the deteriorating social order.

A teacher at the Primary School attached to the Northeastern Teachers' University has verified that at the beginning of April the headmaster of the Primary School spread a rumor that "Falun Gong will kidnap five hundred boys and girls." The headmaster claimed that he had received the information from an anonymous phone call. He proceeded to share this "news" with every student. The majority of the primary school teachers did not want to get involved in this event saying, "For the details, you should go and talk to the headmaster," and, "we cannot clearly talk about this issue." When a reporter called the headmaster's office several times, the headmaster abruptly hung up.

At about the same time, Andajie Primary School in Changchun City gathered together almost all the primary students on the playground. The teachers at the school repeated this false, alarming rumor, "Falun Gong placed a bomb in the school." When the schoolteachers were asked about this, they tried hard to avoid making any comments, saying that they could not talk about it openly. They thought that, since the incident had already passed, it was not necessary for them to talk about it. The false and inflammatory rumors spread at these two schools have had very bad effects.

The evil at Changchun continued to use criminal policemen to go to different workplaces to investigate whether there were still Falun Gong practitioners working there. In order to incite people's hatred and continue to deceive and control the masses, workplaces were required to warn their employees that Falun Gong would spread poison in the local area and that 5000 people would commit suicide. Presumably, the Falun Gong practitioners that have recently been arrested are being described as 5000 people that would have otherwise committed suicide. The authorities use anonymous calls to frame Falun Gong.

Changchun residents proclaimed that they did not believe the rumors. A student at a science college said, "If the social order is poor, the consequences are indeed unimaginable. However, I will never believe that Falun Gong would do such a thing [to disrupt social order]."

Meanwhile, many residents feel concerned about the lack of routine police protection resulting from the persecution of Falun Gong. A municipal government official said, "It is a reality that basic law enforcement is lacking. If things continue like this, how can the common people survive?"

April 25 is approaching, and the evil is becoming nervous.

Police cars used to stay in certain places waiting to arrest practitioners. They disappeared for a while but have now re-appeared on the streets. It shows the tense atmosphere. We would like to remind Changchun practitioners to pay attention to safety and to send out righteous thoughts more frequently to eradicate the evil and leave no chance for the evil.

We hope that practitioners who see this news pay full attention to sending out righteous thoughts. We hope that all the just and kindhearted people around the world and the families of the Falun Gong practitioners who have been arrested will express widespread concern. We should not allow the innocent and kind-hearted people to be persecuted any more. Everyone, please stand up to expose and stop this evil persecution.