(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Cowen, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland declared on January 4, 2002 that Zhao Ming would be released. The statement was made after his meeting with Tang Jiaxuan, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs. The news was well received by people across the world who uphold the freedom of belief. During Mr. Cowen's 3-day visit to China, at his 2.5-hour meeting with Tang Jiaxuan, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs promised to release Zhao Ming on March 12. He also promised at the same time that Zhao Ming would not be subjected to torture. However, according to information we received yesterday from the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, Zhao Ming has not only suffered extremely savage humiliation and beatings, but also the pressure and threats imposed on him have intensified even more with his release date getting closer. All this indicates that Zhao Ming may not have been informed that the cruel torture and illegal detention he has suffered will soon come to an end.

I hope that all the Dafa practitioners who hear this news continue their efforts to appeal for Zhao Ming by sending forth righteous thoughts in groups at regular times until Zhao Ming truly returns to a peaceful and safe environment. At the same time, we appeal to Human Rights organizations and people from all walks of life who uphold justice to continue to pay attention to Zhao Ming's situation and to endeavor to protect his personal safety.

Zhao Ming, a university student in Trinity of Dublin, is also a Falun Gong practitioner. In December 1999, he went back to Beijing to appeal to the Chinese government to stop the persecution of Falun Gong, and was arrested and sent to the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in the suburbs of Beijing. He has been detained there for over two years now. Tang Jiaxuan said that Zhao Ming would be released on March 12, 2002 and would be allowed to continue his studies back in Ireland.

The place where Zhao Ming is persecuted: Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp

Address: Tuanhe Labor Camp, Beijing, China, Postal Code: 102614

Telephone numbers:

Administration Section: 86-10-61292590;

Section Head: Zhang Jingsheng, Tel. 86-10-61294586; Team 5: 86-10-61294545

Bian Aihua, Director of "610" Office of Fengtai District, Beijing: (BP) 198 call 10038309;

Accomplice: Bao Kun, 13801179661 (mobile); (BP) 96589 call 399893;


Dai Shan, Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee of Chongwen District: 13701293322 (mobile); (BP) 86-10-68271188 call 35558;

Accomplice: Guo Jialin, 13801266167 (mobile); (BP) 86-10-68271188, call 55889;

Liang Jun, Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee of Dongcheng District, (Phone number unknown);

Su Guangjiao, Director of "610" Office of Dongcheng District, 86-10-64079558 (office), 86-10-64034477 ext. 2114; (BP) 86-10-65242288 call 19108;

Li Tie, Director of "610" Office of Xuanwu District, (Phone number unknown); Accomplice: Yan Chang, 86-10-63533366 ext.3431 (office); (BP) 96589 call 702890;