(Clearwisdom.net) The four practitioners from Switzerland who went to Hong Kong to appeal and conduct a hunger strike and were then illegally arrested by Hong Kong police, returned to Switzerland separately at 7:30 and 22:00 on March 24. Many practitioners from Switzerland drove overnight to Zurich, right after the Experience Sharing Conference in Geneva, to welcome the return of the four practitioners. The four practitioners shared their experiences of their appeal in Hong Kong and their illegal arrest. According to Hong Kong law, any demonstration activity having less than 20 people and not lasting longer than 50 days does not require any permit. So their hunger strike appeal was lawful and didn't inconvenience anyone. The so-called charge of "blocking the traffic" was groundless. However, under pressure from Jiang's Regime, Hong Kong police used force and illegally arrested them.

At the Zurich airport, practitioners' red banner reading "The Whole World Knows Falun Dafa is Good" was very eye-catching. When the four practitioners came, the fellow practitioners who had been waiting a long time held flowers and warmly welcomed them.

According to the four practitioners during their illegal arrest, in addition to the violence directed at them by the police, the Hong Kong police also forcibly pressed sensitive acupuncture points behind their ears [ which is very painful but doesn't leave marks easily detected by others /]. This could be clearly viewed through the pictures they took back. It was said that the Hong Kong police learned this insidious method from training with other security officials. The physical result is one could become dizzy and disabled. However, this painful method would not work on practitioners. Two practitioners said, they only felt some pressure on those areas without feeling any other special disabling effects. Afterwards, the Hong Kong police, who were the guilty party, filed a lawsuit first with the local court which accused all the practitioners of six charges including attacking them, obstructing police in performing their duty, etc.

The media regarded this accident as the most serious persecution against Falun Gong in Hong Kong until now. It has severely damaged Hong Kong's international reputation of freedom, democracy and rule of law. Just as a AP reporter pointed out, this accident should not happen in a lawful society.

The four practitioners expressed that they would give their best effort to expose the lies and evil and clarify the truth to all governments, media and people and to help them further realize the truth that the Jiang-Luo Regime is extending their persecution against Falun Gong worldwide.