(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa has been spread widely for ten years. Over 100 million people have benefited in the way of physical health, family harmony and high morality. Many moving Falun Data- resulted stories are circulated from person to person that touch people's hearts deeply. It is these truths that the Chinese dictator's group of political scoundrels has been trying to completely conceal or deny. During almost three years of persecution against Falun Dafa, how many Dafa disciples have stepped on the path of Fa-rectification, one after another, with no fear of death, in order to protect the dignity of Dafa and to defend the freedom of belief and the basic right to life that the constitution grants to a citizen? How have the Chinese despot and his followers, ignoring the constitution, treated the practitioners? It is also the truth of the persecution against Falun Dafa itself that Jiang's evil regime is trying to conceal and deny, because the truth itself and the cosmic law, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," is the last thing they want to let people know about.

Following are details about a recent shooting incident. Certain practitioners in China collected this information under the current limited conditions because the government has issued a tight news blackout.

Just after midnight on the Eve of the Chinese Spring Festival, practitioner Mr. Jiang Honglu and another fellow practitioner, both from Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province, were walking on the street, going to hang Dafa banners, to tell the truth to the deceived people and to expose the evil's lies. When they walked along the west side of the Industrial and Commercial Bank, they encountered Meng Qingqi, chief of the Politics and Security Section of Mishan City Police Department, and Du Yongshan, who were patrolling in a police car. These officers recognized the practitioners. Seeing the police jump out of the car, Jiang Honglu didn't want to be arrested and turned around to run. Meng Qingqi and Du Yongshan immediately opened fire on Jiang. Later on it was discovered that Meng Qingqi hit Jiang's left leg with one bullet.

The bullet went through Jiang's left leg. The medical records showed the leg bone had a two inch-long fracture. After Jiang Honglu was shot down, Meng Qingqi and Du Yongshan pounded him relentlessly. Kicks from their leather boots and also blows from the handle of the gun rained on Jiang Honglu's head and his body like a storm. Immediately, Jiang Honglu's head was injured. The beating resulted in a wound nearly two inches long with blood pouring out in a stream. A taxi driver witnessed the scene. After the policemen felt too tired to beat Jiang any longer, they took him to the car and brought him back to the Politics and Security Section. They didn't send him to the hospital until they conducted a two-hour-long interrogation. In the hospital, Jiang's head wound required five stitches. Even under such a cruel persecution, Jiang still didn't forget a practitioner's mission and clarified the truth to the staff in the hospital and to the patients.

Jiang Honglu's family didn't know about these occurrences until Minghui Net reported the case. Personnel from the Politics and Security Section didn't allow the family to see the practitioner. They even required Jiang's workplace to pay the bill for the medical expenses. In order to deceive people and to cover up their crime, they even concocted a lie, saying that more than 40 practitioners demonstrated on the street at midnight and that a shot was fired to disperse them.

At the detention center, regardless of the injuries to Jiang's whole body, personnel from Politics and Security Section still tortured him brutally, several times beating him to the point of hovering between life and death. When a relative questioned the Politics and Security Section authorities, "Which article of the state law has Jiang Honglu violated? What law did you base your actions on to beat him into such a condition? Who is actually violating the law?" Du Yongshan, was not able to answer any of these questions. His body was trembling and he couldn't say a word. Finally he shouted, "Arrest him!" The other policemen had all been frightened by the Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts and no one dared to step forward to carry out the order. The family members asked the authorities to release Jiang Honglu, but the Politics and Security Section claimed because Jiang had resisted arrest, they would send him to a labor camp once they find "evidence."

Ignoring law and order, the police authorities are allowed to open fire without evidence. The victim was an unarmed practitioner, full of compassion in his heart and always considerate of others. What kind of instigation and connivance is the dictator's regime utilizing to have the people who are in charge of executing the law do such things, superceding law and order and showing no regard for human life?"

At present, Jiang Honglu's family members have appealed to the city government, the People's Congress of the city, the city's Politics and Law Committee and the Public Security Bureau of Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province, requesting them to punish the criminals Meng Qingqi and Du Yongshan, to unconditionally release Jiang Honglu and to restore the reputations of Dafa and Dafa practitioners.