(Clearwisdom.net) Around and on Beijing's Tiananmen Square, police and police vehicles are everywhere. These police arrest Falun Dafa practitioners simply because they practice Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance.

When people are walking around enjoying themselves, police will accost and interrogate them, asking whether or not they practice Falun Gong. If you answer, "Yes," the police will immediately force you into a prison van and then send you to the local police station at the side of Tiananmen Square. One day in December, I was also arrested and sent to this place. As soon as I was taken in I could hear shouts and the sounds of police beating people. I saw many Dafa practitioners detained in iron cages, and they did the sitting meditation on the ground inside the cages. Even when the police used electric batons on Dafa practitioners, they kept practicing. Almost every Dafa practitioner had the traces of being beaten. One sixty-year-old male practitioner was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. One twenty-year-old male practitioner's eyeglasses had been crushed. Two female practitioners with completely white hair were dragged on the ground and kicked at the same time. As a young male Dafa practitioner was just dragged in and the police tore off his coat. Then four police beat and kicked him. This Dafa practitioner still shouted loudly: "Falun Gong is good! Falun Gong is good!"

Here there are no personal rights there. There is only police's cruelty, beating and cursing. When it became dark, Dafa practitioners detained in the cages were dragged out by the police. Police beat and kicked them. Practitioners were squeezed into prison vehicles and sent other places. Soon after the prison vehicle started, an old female Dafa practitioner with gray hair was in a grave condition, her hands and feet were cold and she had difficulty in breathing. Other Dafa practitioners shouted many times: "She has almost died because of being beaten. Hurry up and rescue her!" By then one of the police opened the front door and came to check this female Dafa practitioner's pulse. Once this policeman touched her, he said, "Hurry to find an ambulance. Her pulse was very weak." At that time, police began to contact the hospital by phone. After a while, the prison vehicle stopped. They used a police car to pick up this female Dafa practitioner.

The prison van continued. When we arrived in Yong town local police station, a young female Dafa practitioner was called to leave. Her destiny was more miserable. After one day of interrogation, they did not have any results. In the evening, police attacked her brutally. Two male police took off her coat and trousers. They only let her wear a single coat and a pair of long johns woven of coarse cotton thread. Her cotton-wadded shoes were also pulled off, leaving her wearing only a pair of socks. Then they handcuffed this female practitioner to an iron pillar inside the courtyard of the local police station. She had to stand on the frozen ground in just her socks. Two police took turns to shock her with electric batons while they were swearing at her. When beating her, they said, "Let me see whether your bones are harder than Sister Jiang (A female revolutionary during the 1940's who didn't comply with the Nationalist Party even under brutal torture)." This female practitioner's mouth developed a big blister from the electric shock. Both sides of her face and her whole body were bruised. Seeing that she did not give in, the police just put the electric baton to her neck and refused to stop. They kept shocking her until she fainted. When she awoke, two police were dumping cold water onto her face in turn. The bruises on her body were dense and numerous. Two police used the electric baton to shock her the whole night, and did not stop until the next morning. One of these two police has the police serial number 049055.

Above is only one very small cruel scene I saw in Beijing. Even worse scenes in China can be seen everywhere. In China, its citizens do not have human rights. Falun Dafa practitioners are suffering a tragic trampling and slaughtering in China.