(Clearwisdom.net) My mother and I practice Falun Dafa and have remained steadfast since the persecution began in 1999. My father was afraid of getting into trouble because my elder brother and younger sister work in government departments, so he spoke some words against our cultivation. He then started to curse our teacher and Dafa. While his attempts at persuasion ended up in vain, he totally forgot the fact that my mother and I have benefited physically and mentally from practicing Dafa.

On January 16, 2002, my father scraped some words off the Dafa banner posted at home when my mother and I were not there. After we returned, we told him he shouldn't do this and that he will be punished if he slanders the Buddha Fa. Father said, "I'm not afraid of retribution. If it's true, it doesn't matter if I die this way." On the morning of January 17, he stood up from bed and suddenly lost control of his bowels, soiling his hands, pants and the bed. He fell down when he went to the washroom. He told us that he had been punished for damaging the banner and when he came back he said that he would not do it any more. He then also felt pain in his head and talked nonsense the next day. We sent him to the hospital and the CT examination indicated that he had a cerebral hemorrhage.

The benevolence of the Lord Buddha is so great and he gave my father another chance. My father insisted on not staying in the hospital and we had to give him injections at home. When people came to see him, we told them the process of how he became sick and then we asked him whether Dafa is good. He agreed by nodding the head. Then we played the Fa-lecture audiotapes for him and my father said the self-immolation and killing was not true and Falun Gong does not allow suicide and killing.

Because his attitude to Dafa has changed, he recovered from his illness in only two weeks. In the past it was said: "Goodness is returned with good and evil meets with evil." Many of our neighbors didn't believe us, however, some have changed their thoughts since my father's incident. The power and benevolence of the Buddha Fa manifests itself in the human world.