(Clearwisdom.net) Last year, a practitioner in China was arrested for hanging up a Dafa banner. After this practitioner was arrested, one of his coworkers who did not practice Falun Dafa and his boss worked through various channels and spent a lot of money to free this practitioner from detention. Afterwards, when the same coworker was preparing to open his own store, he received unexpected help. He felt very grateful and puzzled. I told him that because he had done a great deed, he received unexpected rewards. The man was very joyful upon hearing these words.

Although the spouse of one of my fellow practitioners does not practice Falun Dafa, he knew from the bottom of his heart that Dafa is good. After April 25, 1999, he heard that the elderly custodian of the practice site was always giving the practitioners a hard time and preventing them from doing the exercises. In response, the husband bought four bottles of wine and gave them to the custodian. He also told the custodian that the practitioners are good people, and requested that he just let them practice their two hours of exercises instead of kicking them out. The custodian agreed. After my fellow practitioner's spouse got home, he felt a strong urge to sleep in the room where Master's picture was hung. When he got up the next morning, he found spots of dark purplish blood all over the pillow and the comforter. At first he was stunned. Then he went to feel the growth on the back of his head that he had for several years - and realized that it was gone. Moreover, there was no scar. He joyfully shouted, "The growth is gone! Dafa is miraculous!"