(Clearwisdom.net) These are accounts of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners by the Honggang District Police Substation and the Honggang Police Station in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, from the second half of 2001 until the present.

In the evening of August 20, 2001, at around 8 p.m., Education Officer Ma, Patrol Officer Chen Quan from the Honggang Police Station, and Officer Huang from the 610 Office charged into practitioner Ding Lihua's home. They harassed this practitioner and searched the house. Practitioner Ding used righteous thoughts and wisdom to avoid arrest. However, to this day, the practitioner is unable to return home and has to move from place to place to avoid arrest and persecution.

A few months later, the head officer, Zhai Li, from the Honggang Police station unlawfully arrested female practitioner Feng Lianxia, who lived in his duty area, and searched her house.

Towards the end of 2001, without any valid evidence, Officer Zhai Li and a few other police unlawfully searched female practitioner Wu Yanru's home, forcibly arrested her, and then jailed her at the Daqing City Detention Center.

At the beginning of January 2002, female practitioners Zhang Lihua and Ye Xiuli from the Fourth Oil Extraction Factory were handing out truth-clarifying materials in their housing complex. They were reported by an unemployed person who was paid by the Honggang Police Station to watch them. Officer Sun Keming arrested the two practitioners and searched their homes. Sun Keming also used the excuse of picking up practitioners to extort more than 1700 Yuan (Chinese currency, the average monthly wage of a Chinese urban worker is 500 Yuan) from the practitioners.

During the New Year's Day celebration for 2002, a section chief from the Honggang Police Substation, along with some other police, arrested five practitioners, including Liu Junying, Wang Ju and Deng Anmei from Dadong Village. They were handing out truth-clarifying materials at the time.

Also, in the afternoon of January 13, 2002, 30 Falun Dafa practitioners in the No. 2 Area of Chenfeng Village of Daqing City were arrested while holding an experience sharing conference. Currently, only the identities of practitioners Feng Yan, Ma Xiuqin and Fu Dan are known. They are now on a hunger strike to protest against such unlawful detainment. More details are being sought.

In the afternoon of January 15, 2002, 60+ year old Dafa practitioners Cui Hongyi and wife Wang Shuqin from Wolitun in Longfeng District of Daqing City were both arrested while playing the Fangguangming truth-clarifying VCD for some people. Dafa practitioners Wang Keming and Pu Yingshu were also arrested when they arrived at Cui Hongyi's home for a visit. The whereabouts of the visitors is unknown. It is known that Cui Hongyi is currently being detained at Longfeng Detention Centre while Wang Shuqin was unlawfully jailed at the Daqing City Detention Center.

January 21, 2002