At present, over 100 female practitioners are being illegally detained at the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp in Zhalaite County, Xing'an City, Inner Mongolia. There are also dozens of female convicts serving their terms there.

The camp has a large farm with over tens of acres of corn, all planted and harvested by the detainees. The use of machinery in corn harvesting and processing is now a common practice with most farmers in northern China. When spring comes, the stalks are stripped, dried and cut for firewood. During winter, the corn kernels are removed with a thrasher. The farm owned by this camp is very large and equipped with all the machinery necessary to replace most of the manual work. However, instead of making use of the machinery, the camp officials deliberately forced the detainees to do everything manually from sowing to harvesting, in order to torture them and to weaken their willpower. During the spring, the female practitioners are forced to cut the stalks by hand, dry them in the sun, and carry them on their backs a bit at a time back to the camp as firewood. When winter comes, again the practitioners are forced to hand strip the kernels from the corn piece by piece. In addition, the camp often assigns the practitioners to work for the local residents, so that they can earn extra income for the camp. The local residents do not mind at all as the practitioners are very conscientious and perform their assigned duties well.

The practitioners are also often being beaten severely. Anyone who refuses to give up Falun Gong would be punished. Sometimes, the practitioners would be stripped naked, and then kicked and punched. Their most inhuman act is forcing an electric baton into the vagina of a practitioner and applying high voltage shocks. Think about it, who doesn't have parents, brothers or sisters? They are worse than animals.

Moreover, many practitioners have had their teeth knocked out, and some had their faces beaten swollen and out of shape, unable to open their mouths, making ingestion problematic. The practitioners have to soak the bread in soup and swallow it slowly, bit by bit.

Talking among the practitioners is strictly forbidden. Anyone seen talking to another practitioner is beaten. From a directive issued by higher authorities, any officer who succeeds in brainwashing a practitioner is rewarded. However, the Falun Gong practitioners have remained firm and did not submit to the evil.

To ensure that their evil deeds are covered up, the camp has put a blockade on communication with the outside world, and visitation by relatives is barred. Nevertheless, as paper cannot contain a raging inferno, news of the camp officers' inhuman treatment of the practitioners still leaked out, and it has roused public indignation and concern.

We call on all the good people in the world and people with a sense of righteousness to pay particular attention to and help stop this beastly persecution taking place at this forced labor camp in Inner Mongolia.

Article written on February 17, 2002.