(Clearwisdom.net) A female Dafa practitioner was unlawfully sentenced to a forced labor camp after appealing in Beijing in 2000. At the labor camp, she endured countless tortures that resulted in infection and lumps in her breasts, which was later diagnosed as breast cancer. In order to rid themselves of responsibility for this, the forced labor camp sent her home in November of 2001. This practitioner remained steadfast, and despite the great pain caused by the cancer she still went out to distribute truth-clarification materials. She was arrested by police and detained for a day and a night. Because they were too scared to bear any responsibility if she died while in custody, she was released very soon. Towards the end of December, this practitioner passed away, surrounded in injustice.

On the morning of the day she passed away, her mother (also a practitioner) saw from her third eye a person wearing a red kasaya [an outer robe worn by a Buddhist monk] entering the house, appearing at the ceiling. That afternoon, the female practitioner passed away. Her facial expression was peaceful and benevolent, with a soft smile on her lips. All the cancerous flesh on her chest fell away and new flesh replaced it.

The day after she passed away, her husband [a non-practitioner] went back to his hometown in the countryside to prepare a funeral. According to the tradition, he asked a geomancer to choose a piece of land on the mountain to bury her. After asking about the female practitioner's details, the geomancer immediately kneeled on both knees and said excitedly to her husband, "Your wife has already become a Buddha through cultivation. Do not feel sad. You should be happy! She is in heaven right now, very free and happy." He then said, "I have been choosing land for people for the past 20 to 30 years, and I have never seen anyone who became a god. She is the first one!" He kneeled there for 40 minutes, refusing to get up. Later, he asked, "What way did she practice? It is so good."

The practitioner's husband replied, "Falun Gong."

The geomancer said, "This gong is excellent. This is a true orthodox way! No wonder 100 million people in the country are learning it, and no wonder they are not scared of dying! Such a good cultivation way! Why is the government persecuting it? Do you have a book? Please lend it to me to read."

December 16, 2002