My husband has not yet started to cultivate. He is a driver for a big company, a very honest and unselfish person. He hates the corruption all around us. I remember right after the Spring Festival of 2000, a fellow practitioner gave me some truth clarifying flyers and asked me to deliver them to newspaper boxes. I didn't dare go because I was too scared. Upon finding this out, my husband said to me, "I will go with you." So I took my first steps on the path of Fa-rectification with the help of my husband.

As Fa-rectification progressed further, we produced ever more truth clarifying materials, and we covered wider and wider areas. One day I asked him to take me to a distant place to pass out materials. He agreed immediately. When we arrived, I told him to wait in the car, but he answered, "I would rather accompany you." We went door to door in the apartment buildings, from the top level on downwards. My husband would say on each floor, "One for this door. OK, this door needs one. How about one on the wall?" He never stopped talking, and spoke louder and louder. My fear emerged, and I could not help but tell him, "Would you please stop talking? Watch out or people will hear you!" To my surprise, he answered me loudly, "Look how scared you are. Nobody will hear us!" I instantly enlightened that Master was using my husband's words to help me eliminate my fear. We passed out several hundred materials quickly. On the way home, I asked my husband, "Would you please not talk next time?" To this, my husband replied, "How can we eliminate your fear if I stop talking?" We both smiled with understanding. I said in my heart, "Thank you, Hubby!"

In the winter of 2000, the need for truth clarifying materials was very large. To be on the safe side, I always went to retrieve the materials by myself. One day, he noticed that there were huge amounts of truth clarifying materials, and said to me, "You are getting braver day by day! How did you manage to carry so much stuff back home?" I replied, "By carrying it on my back and in my arms. No matter how big the difficulties, they cannot stop Dafa disciples." My husband said, "That makes sense. But from now on, please allow me to do this." From then on, my husband carried almost all truth clarifying materials on his back; whether it was raining or snowing, he never complained.

One day, in May of 2001, other practitioners and I were making banners in our home for hanging out on May 13th, Falun Dafa Day. When my husband got home from work, he saw colorful banners everywhere in our home and said, "You guys keep working hard. I will cook dinner for you." We made more than a thousand banners that evening until late at night. He helped cleaning up until even later.

After the so-called "Tiananmen Self-immolation", I showed the truth-clarifying VCD to my husband. Ever since then, he grasps every opportunity to clarify the truth to his colleagues and friends. He talks about everything he saw on the VCDs, from the truth about the self-immolation, to the alleged 1,400 cases of deaths, from the persecution of Falun Gong to Falun Dafa spreading all over the world. If he saw some young people chatting in the work place, he would say to them, "Don't talk about that nonsense, and let me tell you a story." He would then tell them stories he read in our truth clarifying materials. When he finished one story, the young men would ask him to tell another. It makes me so happy to hear how he clarifies the truth to the outside world, and always tell him, "Hubby, why don't you start to cultivate now?" He would then answer, "I may not cultivate but I am already in the Tao."

One time, our material production center was destroyed. We were out of truth clarifying materials for a long while so we decided to make them ourselves. My husband helped us paint Falun emblems, and wrote many calligraphy characters on our banners, such as "Falun Dafa is Good," "Return the Reputation of Falun Dafa," "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," etc. Every evening, the three of us (although my daughter does not cultivate, she often helps us to make truth clarifying materials, and pass out flyers) would sit together around the table, and cooperate in producing materials. We made all sorts of posters, more than 20 thousand pieces.

Seeing all that my husband did, I could not help but say to him, "Hubby, how about starting to cultivate now?" He answered with a smile, "I am the elite of the next phase of Dafa." I do not know exactly what he is planning, but no matter what, I want to say to him, "Thank you, Dear! Thanks for all the support you gave me on the path of Fa-rectification!"

Written on December 22, 2002.