(Clearwisdom.net) One day a fellow practitioner asked about my arrest for handing out truth-clarification materials. I replied that I didn't want to look back on it.

Later I read an article from Clearwisdom.net, in which a fellow practitioner said that if we did not share our experience or enlightenment with others, it would in fact be selfish. I was deeply touched. Why did I not want to look back? I realized that it was because I did not do well, and I still had many bad thoughts. If they were out in the open, I would feel embarrassed. So my selfishness and my attachment to saving face had prevented me from sharing my experience. In fact, it is not the real me that did not want to look back, but the parts of me that were developed postnatally. I want to break through this attachment, get rid of my selfishness, and be truly responsible to fellow practitioners and myself. I hope that my experience will serve as a reference for other practitioners, and at the same time root out all the bad thoughts in my mind.