There is a famous tourist spot in Sydney, Australia, which is a good place for Dafa practitioners to clarify the truth to tourist groups from Mainland China.

A few weeks ago, there were entire Chinese tourist groups refusing truth clarification materials. There were cases where just as some tourists received truth-clarifying materials, there would be a couple of "watchdogs" yelling, "Don't take any Falun Gong materials," and these overseers would take away the materials from the tourists and throw them back at me. When I gave the truth clarification materials to one female tourist, she said, "Actually, we want to see everything, but what if the customs agents find it? We dare not take it!" That was during the 16th Party Congress. Then I understood, Jiang's regime did everything it could to stop Chinese citizens from learning the truth. However, the truth can't be locked up forever, people's hearts can't be suppressed and heaven's law can't be disobeyed.

I quickly started to adjust my state of mind and increased my frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts. I also tightened up on studying the Fa and continuously purifying my thoughts so that my compassionate thoughts could be better manifested. Facing the "watchdogs" in the tourist groups, I was no longer affected. The situation quickly changed drastically. Eighty percent of those tourists who refused to take truth clarification materials upon entering an area would take the materials on their way out. Those "watchdogs" did not try to block people from taking the materials. They even listened to me explaining the truth with a smile. That day I gave out all the materials that I brought with me. A female tour guide who was affiliated with the Chinese consulate saw people taking the materials, but she could not stop them. She yelled at them, "You are not allowed to bring Falun Gong materials to the vehicle." But no one listened; they put the materials in their pockets or bags and went up to the vehicle.

One of the Chinese tourists walked towards me from a distance with the Heshi gesture (pressing both hands in front of one's chest) and accepted the material with both hands. Then waving his right hand in the air, he said to his companions, "Falun Gong practitioners are really something, really remarkable! They are not afraid of tyrants." That was a voice that couldn't be blocked and it came from the bottom of his heart. Immediate I had tears in my eyes.

There was a tour guide waving at me from far away as if we were good friends. He held the truth clarification materials overhead and said loudly to the tourists, "This is Falun Gong material, everyone can take one." They lined up and everyone took the material.

Another time when I was giving out truth clarification material to a Chinese tourist group, a middle age man suddenly turned around and asked me, "Is this about Master Li Hongzhi's Falun Gong?" I said, "Yes, this is about Master Li Hongzhi's Falun Gong." He said hurriedly, "I want it! Let me have a few more!" I gave him a bunch of truth clarification materials but he said, "Give me more." The Chinese tourists next to him pointed to their bags and said to me, smiling, "We all have them, we are all loaded up and heading back."

Towards the end of November, a group of delegates came from China to Darling Harbour in Sydney for a fashion show. A practitioner and I took a lot of large envelopes filled with truth clarifying materials to the hotel where the delegates were staying. We wanted the staff at the front desk to help us distribute them to the over 200 delegates. In order to ensure the truth clarifying materials were delivered smoothly, we first went to a nearby office building to send forth righteous thoughts. After sending forth righteous thoughts, we took a few large bags of the materials directly to the hotel and successfully delivered them.

Recently, I repeatedly studied Master Li's "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A." The Fa rectification process is still continuously moving forward and accelerating during the final stage, there are still countless sentient beings eagerly waiting for us to clarify the truth and to save them. I deeply feel the seriousness and importance of my responsibility. I will firmly remember Master Li's teaching and give my best efforts; I will "Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them." (From "Hurry Up And Tell Them")