(Clearwisdom.net) On November 28, 2002, Dafa practitioner Wang Kemin was illegally abducted by police and detained in the Sa District Detention Center in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. In an attempt to force him to reveal the source of the Dafa truth-clarifying materials, the policemen stripped his upper body and beat him. They also bound him with handcuffs and shackles to an iron chair.

With his righteous faith in Dafa and Master, Wang Kemin steadfastly resisted this vicious persecution. He didn't tell anything to the policemen. The policemen then sent his mother over to try to persuade him to give up the source of Dafa truth-clarifying materials. When his mother met him, she saw that his upper body was naked and his eyes were swollen from the beating he received. His mother tried to put his clothes on him, but he said it was too painful to put clothes on, because his body had been severely beaten and couldn't be touched.

In January 2002, Wang Kemin was abducted by policemen from the Yixi Public Security Bureau while distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials with a female practitioner. The policemen tortured him in an attempt to obtain the source of the Dafa truth-clarifying materials. The police broke the bridge of his nose, and they had to take him to hospital for his serious injuries. Later, with fellow practitioners' help, Wang Kemin escaped from the hospital. After he recovered, he continued to travel from place to place to validate Dafa. The female practitioner that he was distributing materials with was also abducted at the same time as him, and she was illegally sentenced to six years imprisonment. Now, she is in Harbin City's Female Jail.

At present, Wang Kemin is still shackled to the iron chair, suffering from this vicious persecution. We hope that practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts to clear away all evil elements persecuting him in other spaces, and at the same time to help him to maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions, so that he can escape from the den of evil and rejoin the current of Fa-rectification.