(Clearwisdom.net) My grandparent's brother lives in a rural area of Liaoning Province. He is over 70. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2001. His treatments cost the family all their savings but did not cure him. All major hospitals said he could not be saved, that his condition was so advanced that it was not even worth proceeding with the operation. Back home he suffered with great pain, coughing up blood. He moaned and pleaded to his family day and night, "Please give me some poison and let me die!" The family could only helplessly stand by, keeping him company as he suffered.

At this moment, a kind-hearted neighbor came to teach him the Falun Gong exercises, even though under the risk of being arrested and imprisoned. Before long, my granduncle miraculously recovered. Now he is fully healed, as healthy as before. Once again he can perform all sorts of tasks and can ride his bicycle to visit relatives and friends. The family is so happy. The neighborhood villagers say to each other, "Falun Dafa has saved his life. No wonder Dafa practitioners cultivate regardless of the severe persecution."

December 1st, 2002