Since July 20, 1999, the Political and Security Subsection of Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau has become a vicious team that solely and specifically persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. The team head Ma Wensheng is also the director of the Hebei "610 Office" [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches]. He is in charge of all the subsections of the "610 Offices," anti-Falun Gong brainwashing classes, forced labor camps, detention centers and prisons within Hebei Province. He is a key person who brutally trampled Falun Gong practitioners' rights by kidnapping, extorting, torturing, detaining, murdering practitioners and destroying sites where Dafa materials are made. The following is a report of these crimes against Falun Gong practitioners.

(1) Practitioners are deprived of sleep, interrogated by torture and murdered

The practitioners were deprived of sleep in 24-hour cycles. The police illegally interrogated them at midnight. If a practitioner was sleepy, they would beat him. They said that this method was used to deal with a criminal who committed severe crimes. A normal person can only stand this kind of torture for three days, but it had no effect on practitioners. The police threatened, "If you still do not answer my question, I will beat you half to death, then drag you outside, pour gas all over your body and set you on fire. Then we will say you did it to yourself because of practicing Falun Gong."

They cuff practitioners in a very painful way: the practitioner's hands are cuffed together behind their back with one hand over the shoulder and the other hand against the lower back. The police beat practitioners with iron rods, and slap their faces until they are severely distorted and totally unrecognizable. Practitioner Dr. Zhang Huiyin from Shijiazhuang Railroad College was slapped so hard that he slipped into a coma. The police force practitioners to sit on iron chairs (one type of torture) with hands cuffed and feet chained. (The handcuffs deeply cut into practitioners' flesh and made their hands dramatically swollen.) Practitioner Shi Yang was forced to sit on the chair for more than forty days. The prolonged torture made both of his legs swollen for days and caused him to have trouble walking. Practitioner Zhang Qiu suffered on the chair so severely that he was not able to walk at all. The police forced his family to carry him home.

If a practitioner went on a hunger strike to protest their brutal maltreatment, seven or eight policemen would hold the practitioner down, and pinch his nose in preparation to "force feed" him. Aside from the force-feeding itself, this preparation alone was torture. They had inserted the tube into a practitioner's lungs while force-feeding him, which caused him to have a high fever. Later they just drove the practitioner on hunger strike to Shijiazhuang Chinese Medicine Hospital to induce the force-feeding. Because they tortured so many practitioners in this way, the nurses in the hospital did not want to cooperate with them, they said "They (practitioners) are over fifty or sixty old and you still torture them in such a way, what if one of them died from it?"

In March 2001, they beat practitioner Liu Shusong, a graduate from Hebei Medical University, to death.

(2) Extort and loot practitioners' money and property

The police search practitioners' homes without any legal process and loot them of all their properties. On September 18, they illegally took away kidnapped practitioners' personal property and their bank savings totaling around 10,000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] in cash. They also stole items such as washing machines, TVs, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, computers, pagers, cellular phones, chairs and other furniture while illegally searching practitioners' homes. The police keep items they stole for themselves and never returned them to their owners. Besides that, they utilized every means to extort money from practitioners and their families. At times the kidnapped practitioners refused to give out their names and addresses. The police summon practitioners' families to identify them. After torturing the practitioners, the police demand their family members pay for all the "fees."

Practitioner Zhang Linjiang was kidnapped to a hotel and was interrogated by torture for a whole month. The police extorted thousands of Yuan from his family as a so-called "hotel fee." The fact is that the hotel was rented and taken over by the police. In another case, when a practitioner was illegally arrested, the police asked his family to identify him and then were going to sentence him without any legal process. The police demanded his family pay over ten thousand Yuan as a so called "arresting fee." The family openly refused the police's ridiculous request.

The police also extorted money from a landlord who was not a practitioner but rented a room to a Falun Gong practitioner. After the practitioner who was forced to live outside because of the persecution was arrested, the police extorted between one and ten thousand yuan from the landlord with the excuse of "providing a place (for Falun Gong practitioners)." They even waited outside near the house complex to arrest any practitioner who might drop by.

(3) Slandering, deceiving and brainwashing

The practitioners who were just arrested were brutally beat up by the police. If the beating did not make the practitioners give in, they would be sent to a brainwashing session. Some practitioners gave up under the intense physical and mental torture. The first thing the police would order them to do is "cooperate" with police to name other practitioners for arrest, such as paging another practitioner to meet somewhere. If that practitioner came, the police would arrest him.

If a practitioner did not give up in two to three days, the police would use the attachment of some practitioners who were impatiently hoping to get away from the detention to continue to rectify the Fa on the outside. They let the practitioner go free on purpose and make a false pretense that the practitioner successfully escaped. Then they would secretly tail the practitioner and would arrest them when meeting with other practitioners. When they re-arrested the practitioner, the policemen would pretend to have been punished for letting him escape and would beg and deceive the practitioner to "help" him by giving out other practitioners' information.

When they pretended to release a practitioner, they would monitor him near his home, trying to find out whom he contacted, or tail him to find a site where Dafa materials are made. They released collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] and used a practitioner's compassionate heart of caring for his family and friends to deceive and arrest him.

Under public pressure, they had to release some steadfast practitioners who went through the torture. Because these practitioners were very clear about the crimes committed against them, in order to protect themselves the police spread rumors everywhere saying these practitioners already sold out to the police and were collaborators. They laughed at these practitioners saying, "Nobody will believe your words, how can you reveal the evil!"

They were very worried about those released practitioners who apparently did not give up while at same time knew the police's crimes against practitioners. To monitor and tail these practitioners, the police used all methods to "squeeze" them into companies that were supported by the Public Security Bureau. If they found the practitioner became active in practicing Falun Gong again, they would repeatedly arrest them.

(4) The Police fear people will become aware of their vicious doings against practitioners and try very hard to hide away evidence

On the surface, these vicious police are extremely confident and strong. Inside, they are afraid in every nerve. To cover up their crimes of torturing practitioners, they discarded the regular office and setup a mobile office. They usually rent a house as a temporary office but do not put any sign outside. The places they use to interrogate practitioners are rented big, easy-built iron rooms with no windows. They do not stay in one place for very long and keep moving. They have temporary offices at Shijiazhuang West 2nd Circle, North 2nd Circle, Plant Garden, Atom 4th Institution, 812 Military Storage Building and in other places. When they throw the arrested practitioner in their car, or transfer him to other detention places, or even drive the practitioner to a hospital for force-feeding, they squeeze the practitioner under the seat, or cover his head with cloth. In case the practitioner should remember the route and find their temporary office, they drive the car in circles around the destination or take extra unnecessary turns. For example, they interrogated a practitioner in 812 Military Storage Building and then wanted to transfer him to a hotel where he would be brainwashed by some collaborators. Normally it would just take no more than five minutes to drive but they spent a half hour on the road.

After their crimes were exposed, they changed their strategy by kidnapping practitioners to rural areas that were far away from Shijiazhuang City, such as Zhengding Town and Xinle Town. They gathered some local thugs to beat up and torture practitioners. Practitioner Shi Lanhui was kidnapped to Zhengding Town on Chinese New Year's Day. They ordered the local branch of the "610 Office" to brutally beat him. He was forced to kneel down on the ground, iron rods were used to forcefully press and gouge his legs, and he was hit with iron bars; he suffered continuous torture. In May 2001, they kidnapped practitioner Zuo Zhigang to the Xinghua Police Station. Zuo Zhigang was tortured to death in less than 24 hours while in police custody. Xinghua Police Station has been renamed "Weiming Street Police Station." But the responsible policeman Bai Yuanji is still there. Whatever they did to cover their crimes, it will end in failure.

(5) Perpetrators

Ma Wensheng: Team head, also the director of the "610 Office" of Hebei Province

Deng Fang: deputy team head

Heads of subsections:

Zhang Qiuli, pager: 96777 ext.3237; Mobile phone: 86-13001881133

Li Ruihai and Wang Xiaofeng;

Policeman Ma Yong: Joined the training in Law Education and Training Class in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province to learn how to torture Falun Gong practitioners, he is in charge of brainwashing classes.

Policeman Li Yong: Graduated from Central Political and Law University. Female practitioner Yao Jianrong from Shijiazhuang Railroad Public Security was kidnapped for practicing Falun Gong. Li Yong used deceitful means to get some information from her. Using the "information," he fabricated charges and sent her to a forced labor camp. For this, his supervisors praised him.

Bai Yuanji: policeman in Weiming Street Police Station

Pager: 96777 ext. 12129; Office phone: 86-311-7888193 ext. 8010


812 Military Storage Building is located near East Yuhua Road and South Shengli Street, on the south side of Xingfang Road. There is no sign on the gate, it is an isolated complex. Entering the gate, on the right side is a kitchen that faces north. The west side is a huge iron garage without any opening. There are iron chairs inside. This is one place they use to torture practitioners.

October 14, 2002