1. "We need to handle our situation carefully and cannot go to extremes."

Before the 16th Party's Congress, the provincial "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) issued an order to a university in the northeast part of China, asking them to fulfill a certain "transformation quota" (meaning the university has to force certain number of Dafa practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa). A so-called "assistants group" consisted of five members was thus formed to "help" each practitioner. One member was from the practitioner's family and the rest were from the management of the work unit. However, during the past three years, through practitioners' persistent efforts in clarifying the truth, the management leaders have understood the facts of the persecution. Therefore upon receiving such orders from their superiors, they started to plan the strategy to deal with it. For example:

Director A said: "We need to handle our situation carefully and cannot go to extremes."

Director B said: "The '610 Office' transformation quota was not based on any law or any official documentation. We are in academia, what does this mean to us?"

Party team leader said: "She (the practitioner in question) is doing a great job and is very capable. We should have promoted her a long time ago in order to fully utilize her talents."

After listening to everyone, the Party Secretary said: "I had no other choice. I'm a local party secretary and this is our superiors' decision. I cannot do anything about it."

Director A said: "In that case, let's put it off as long as we can."

2. "It'd be great if none of the practitioners wrote the guarantee letter."

A practitioner voluntarily talked to the party team leader, clarified the truth to him and determinedly expressed that he will not give up his beliefs in Dafa. At the beginning, the party team leader worried a lot about him and said, "If you do not write a guarantee letter, the '610 Office' will do bad things to you and I don't want that to happen."

The practitioner kindly said to him: "I understand your situation, and I'm very grateful for your concern. You only see the viciousness of the '610 Office,' but I don't see it that way. Do you ever think about another possibility?"

Team leader: "What kind of possibility?"

Practitioner: "How many practitioners like me exist in our school?"

Team leader: "Over thirty."

Practitioner: "If none of those people wrote the guarantee letter, what would you do?"

The party team leader blurted out: "That would be great!"

The practitioner smiled at him and said: "Let's go for that then."

3. "I hope that you will reach consummation."

One practitioner spoke with his director again and said, "Because of the state propaganda, you know very little about cultivation, but you have a kind heart." After hearing the facts, the director nodded his head and said, "I understand what you are saying, and I believe what you said. I hope that you will reach consummation."

4. "I really admire Dafa practitioners."

After having a conversation with a practitioner, one director said, "I really admire Dafa practitioners," and told the practitioner about news of the "assistants group." At last she said, "You guys are so young yet so calm and rational when encountering these huge obstacles. It is not easy after suffering so much to still peacefully speak rationally. Also regarding other subjects, work, research and family responsibilities, your performance and conduct are outstanding. This is not something everyone can do. I really admire Dafa practitioners."

5. "If you want to cultivate, you should cultivate the highest Fa."

I clarified the truth to a party secretary. Talking about cultivation, I said, "There have been people who cultivated Buddhahood and Taoism since the ancient times. In many famous mountains and temples, one can find the non-degenerative bodies of the cultivators or their sarira. Throughout history, people have believed in Gods and Buddhas. This belief has helped people to elevate their moral values and do good deeds, and helped maintain society's moral standards. Those nations that have a spiritual belief and profound respect for divine beings also often have a highly developed, prosperous civilization."

The party secretary said to me, "I only know a little about cultivation, but I think if you want to cultivate, you should cultivate the highest Fa, not those ordinary, meaningless ones."

I smiled and told him, "Falun Dafa is the best among the best."