November 8, 2002

( Liao Lianhai, his wife Liu Bijing and their daughter Liao Xiaoqing live in Chongqing's Songzao District, Qijiang County. Being good people, they had lived a happy life. Since July 20, 1999, despite intense pressure on Falun Gong from the Jiang regime's persecution, the Liao family has stepped forward to safeguard Dafa along with other practitioners. Liao Lianhai and fellow practitioner Gu Shengxue were arrested during a group practice. They were locked up in Qijiang County Detention Center for a month.

At the end of October of 1999, Liao Lianhai and his family members traveled to Beijing to appeal to the Supreme Court on behalf of Falun Gong. He delivered a letter to the Court staff and also gave them personal testimonies of Falun Gong's benefits. Beijing police arrested them and handed them over to Chongqing police. Liao Lianhai was sentenced to one year of forced labor.

In early September 2001, Liao Lianhai was released after one year and nine months of detention. Liao's elderly parents came back to see their son. However, On September 27, policemen came to Liao's home and arrested him and his wife, citing illegal gathering. They spent a month in Qijiang County Detention Center before their release.

A week after their release, police again arrested Liu Bijing, Yang Longmei, Zhao Jiafen and another practitioner (all women). They were sent to Qijiang County Detention Center and remained there for a year. On September 30, 2002, Qijiang County Police Department sentenced them to terms of eight and a half years, eight years, seven and a half years and seven years, respectively. Liao Lianhai brought his daughter to see her mom in jail. The daughter couldn't stop crying when she saw her mother after many months of separation.

In the morning on October 4, 2002, Liao Xiaoqing was doing her homework and Liao Lianhai was working on chores. Policemen from the Anwen Police Station came to ask Liao Lianhai to have a talk with their police chief. A moment later, a policeman came back and told Liao Xiaoqing, "You stay put. Your dad will be home in three days." The policeman grabbed a bed cover on his way out.

Four days later, Liao Xiaoqin still did not see her father. She realized that the policeman lied to her. Mom was serving a long sentence and Dad was nowhere to be found. Later she heard that her father was detained at Qijiang Detention Center. The neighbors were all angry. An 80-year-old lady said, "How unfair the world is. Good people are in jail. They didn't even let him bring any clothes."

We appeal to all kind, righteous and peace-loving people: don't be fooled by Jiang Zemin's lies; fully recognize his evil and cruel nature. Your understanding and support to Falun Dafa will bring you and your families a bright future.

The list of policemen who committed the crime:

Zip code 401420

Section one of County Police Department

Section chief Zhang Kaifu, cell phone: 86-13883137666

Zhou Demin

Yang Liu

Huang Zhiquan

Qijiang County Sanjiao Township Hengshan Police Station operator: 86-23-484-6467