Story One

When I clarified the truth to them, I advised Xia, Lan, and Xiao Mei, to silently recite "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" when in danger. A few days later, they told me excitedly what happened to them: right after Xia went to bed one night, she saw a group of beings in black clothes approach her. She was conscious but she couldn't move. She repeatedly recited, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," and the black things retreated. Xiao Mei told me that every time when she couldn't sleep well, she silently recited, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." After a while her mind became peaceful and she slept very well. All three of them are reading Zhuan Falun now.

Story Two

I clarified the truth to one of my colleagues soon after I started my new job. He was moved after hearing the truth and condemned Jiang. He also offered to help me. Once I heard him clarify the truth to another colleague next door and help him eliminate misunderstanding of Dafa. His language and expression were just like a Dafa practitioner. I gradually clarified the truth to more and more colleagues. Everyone was condemning Jiang, and telling me to be careful. Now I feel I am much closer to my colleagues.

Story Three

The blockade of Internet web sites, such as Google, affected my colleagues' regular work. Because of that, our office began to have a regular routine of condemning Jiang. One colleague made a VCD, using the clips of the June 4th massacre and Jiang yelling at Hong Kong journalists, and played the video in the office. Everybody liked it, and the video was played again and again. This colleague traveled around the country to visit customers, and a lot of them are the CEOs. Those CEOs liked his VCD, since they didn't have any opportunity to see the video clips anywhere else. Every time he is on a business trip, he takes a few copies of these VCDs with him.