(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago, I entered another dimension and witnessed an unforgettable scene. That night, as I finished my meditation exercise and was preparing to sleep, I heard resonating music that was deafening. Accompanying the music was another sound that made me float in the air and on which I was transported to another world. Just at this moment the music ceased.

From a very high place in the sky I looked down upon a vast world with countless people milling around. There were males and females, and most of them were youngsters full of energy. They sat down one by one in a very orderly fashion. Amidst the myriad of people was erected a huge cylinder. The top of the cylinder formed a large platform which was empty. The cylinder was situated on a flower-like plate. The platform began to move and rotated slowly amongst the people. I thought these were the sentient beings in my world awaiting the return of their Lord or Monarch. They all sat perfectly erect in rows and columns. Their tidiness startled me. All eyes were focused on the platform with utter eagerness and yearning. I felt a kind of pain in my heart spontaneously; the longing for the return of their Lord was so urgent! I circled in the air, meticulously watching the sentient beings. Every sentient being's eyes were fixed intently on the center of the empty platform. Their gaze was totally engrossed in an eager expectancy that had existed for a long time. I circled repeatedly looking at the boundless orderly sea of humans. Observing the expectant and clear pupils of their eyes, my aching heart melted into one of great compassion.

After returning from the scene, I tossed and turned in bed with no desire to sleep. I deeply realized that those myriads of sentient beings were awaiting our return with great expectation. And here I was, not advancing with diligence. I felt a sense of hopelessness in my heart that was impossible to put into words.

Fellow practitioners, advance diligently! Being so is not only being responsible towards ourselves; more importantly, it is being responsible to the sentient beings of our worlds that are awaiting our return!

This is my personal understanding. Kindly correct me if there are any errors.