First Story

There are often many tourists passing by our morning practice site. Once, when we had finished our first set of the exercises, we saw a large group of Chinese people, so I went over and gave them the truth-clarifying materials.

After I gave out the materials, one of the Chinese people put his hand on my shoulder in a friendly way, and pointed to another group of people. He said with a smile: "Hurry up! There comes another big group of Chinese."

Second Story

At the same location, a group of Chinese appeared one day on the opposite side of the road. We had just finished the first set of the exercises and I thought I should give them truth-clarifying materials. But my second thought was: "No, I should continue doing the exercises. Why should this stop me from doing the exercises?"

I closed my eyes. There came from the music of the second set of the exercises Master's formula. However, I could not calm myself down. I felt I was so selfish, and I also felt very guilty. It was the time between the first and the second sets of the exercises. My excuse seemed very weak. I realized that it did not matter whether I started the second set of the exercises right away or I started twenty minutes later. I felt suddenly that Dafa was sacred, so I opened my eyes and went over to give them flyers, and then I began my second set of the exercises. A while later, I thought I heard some noise from my backpack, which was open in front of me. I opened my eyes and saw a Chinese person searching for the flyers in my bag. He said that he wanted to have a flyer. I gave him Dafa materials in Chinese. When he saw that I still had some other kinds of materials in my bag, he wanted more. I showed him that those were in other languages.

Third Story

It was a Sunday. We were talking after we finished the exercises. At this moment there was a group of Chinese people passing by. I felt this was not a good time to give them materials. I found an excuse for myself: they must have seen my yellow shirt. After I went back to my car, I felt very heavy-hearted, and regretted that I was not righteous at that moment. Then I saw them again. I took off my coat so that they could see my yellow shirt. A young Chinese lady looked at me strangely, and I went over to greet her. She asked me whether I knew what I was wearing. I answered: "Yes, I know." And I told her that I cultivated Falun Gong. She seemed very interested and hoped to know more about Falun Gong and the practice. She was very surprised to learn that there were many Falun Gong practitioners in Austria.

I thought if at this moment we had enough courage and kept our minds righteous, we would have a chance for the Chinese people to understand Dafa from the positive side. How difficult it is for the Chinese to learn the truth. It is our responsibility to help them.

Fourth Story

Recently, on the street where I live, a new Chinese restaurant opened. Whenever I passed the place, I always thought that I should give them truth-clarifying materials. However, every time, I had an excuse not to do so. One day after I finished the exercises, I came to this restaurant again. This time, I brought Chinese VCDs and flyers and I wore a yellow shirt with the words "Falun Dafa." I went into the restaurant, and said "hello". And I gave two flyers and two VCDs to a lady there. When I started talking about Falun Gong, she opened her eyes wide and said nothing. Then another lady came up to me. I explained that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner who had just finished doing the exercises and would like them to know that Falun Dafa was good. This lady smiled and said, after pointing to the first lady whom I spoke to, "She also practiced Falun Gong." The other lady was very surprised that there were western practitioners in Vienna and there was someone who would wear a Falun Dafa shirt to come to the restaurant. She asked me some questions and I answered them one after another and also gave her a flyer in German with information about local contacts and telephone numbers.