(Clearwisdom.net) Before the publishing of Teacher's new article "Righteous Thoughts," I was not able to grasp the key for sending forth righteous thoughts and was severely interfered with by my own postnatally acquired thoughts. I would feel very tired after 5 minutes and did not experience the power of sending forth righteous thoughts. After I read Teacher's new article "Righteous Thoughts," I felt that something was opened up suddenly. I didn't even notice that I had been sending forth righteous thoughts for half an hour, and my gong was still going strong. I finally experienced the real meaning of "destroying all evil in the cosmos" and "eradicating all evil that damages Dafa, encompassing it all and leaving out none." I could feel indescribable compassion and mighty power. Our Teacher had shown us all of this when he taught us the hand gestures to send forth righteous thoughts. It was just that I didn't understand the magnificent, deep meaning behind this solemn act.

I am unable to see things in other dimensions but I could feel that the publishing of "Righteous Thoughts" was an earthshaking change in the universe. I sincerely hope that all practitioners will follow Teacher's words to send forth the purest righteous thoughts.