In April of 1994, my little sister told me that a Falun Gong class would be taught in Jingzhou City. She urged me to attend. I found an elderly Buddhist nun that I knew and asked her about it. I said, "Falun Gong is going to have a class and it teaches the Buddha's Fa. Have you ever heard of Buddha's Fa in all these years that you've been a nun?" She replied, "I haven't heard of Buddha's Fa. I have no idea what that is." So she and I planned to go to the class together. On that day, a lay Buddhist came to the nun asking to also become a nun. She did not know that we were on the way to the Falun Gong class. Implying that we should take the newcomer along, the nun asked me, "What about her?" "Let's follow the predestined relationship," I replied. As soon as I told the lay Buddhist about the class, she immediately expressed that she also wanted to attend. Because I had many health problems (including throat cancer for 7 years), I had lost the sense of thirst and had not sweated for years. However, as soon as I got on the train, my hands and feet started sweating a sticky substance. Later I realized that Teacher had begun purifying my body even before I saw him.

Upon arriving in Jingzhou, we went straight to the class. When Teacher appeared at the rostrum, I was so excited. The nun, who had been a vegetarian for 40 years, sat beside me. She said to me, "I just saw Bodhisattva Avaalokitesvara, appearing as a 13 or 14 year old with gold ear rings. So solemn and magnificent! The Bodhisattva appears wherever Teacher speaks. When Teacher talks about Buddha's Fa, the image would be that of a Buddha. When Teacher talks about Bodhisattva Avaalokitesvara, the image would appear as Bodhisattva Avaalokitesvara, with hands constantly emitting colorful lights. So many Falun have filled the room, like snow flakes." That nun had known at an early age that she would be able to see Bodhisattva Avaalokitesvara if she became a Buddhist nun. I suppose it was the Buddha that had led her to Dafa. Later she told me, "I am not going to be a Buddhist nun any more. I will only practice Falun Gong. Teacher is a Buddha. He comes to the world to save people."

After two lectures, the nun already understood that Teacher was teaching the Buddha Fa and cultivation. Feeling that she had been a Buddhist nun for so many years without truly understanding what school she had been practicing, she could not help but cry. On the last day of the lecture, Teacher was answering questions from students. Because the nun was still crying and there was not much time left, I went to the Teacher to ask him about it. At that moment, Teacher was sitting on the sofa on the right hand side of the rostrum. He looked at me kindly. I walked up before him and said, "Teacher, there is a nun, she does not know what to do. She is crying." Teacher told me, "Go to tell her, it is the same." I was just about to walk away when Teacher said, "Come back, go bring her here." I went to find the nun and we both walked toward the rostrum. When we got somewhere within a distance from the rostrum, the nun suddenly knelt down and bowed her head down with tears falling. Teacher came down and helped her up, saying, "Don't be this way." He helped the nun up to the sofa. She was unable to say a word because of the emotion. She simply asked, "What should I do?" Teacher looked at her and pointing to the rostrum, told her, "They are all here, Bodhisattva Avaalokitesvara and Sakyamuni, are all here." Hearing Teacher's words, the nun was filled with happiness. She understood that it was that way, that the Gods and Buddha from the heaven had all come to assist Teacher in spreading the Fa and saving people! She felt so fortunate that she had the opportunity to hear Teacher's instruction and obtain Dafa! Indeed, how fortunate!

One day after class, it was 9 pm. We sat in the last row and were the first to exit. It was raining outside. We walked far away from the lecture hall and then I saw Teacher coming up from the back in the rain. I then shouted loudly, "Isn't this Teacher?" Teacher heard my voice and turned around to greet us with smile. I watched Teacher's back fading away in the rain as he walked. At that moment, I wondered, almost with blame, why the local practitioners had not arranged a car for Teacher. How could we let Teacher walk in the rain? Other Qigong masters always had cars to go back and forth in, but our Teacher just walked in the rain.

That unforgettable experience is vivid to this day. It feels like it is from yesterday. Cherish today's opportunity; we have been waiting for it for thousands of years. Don't let the opportunity pass!