(Clearwisdom.net) At critical times, it is extremely important as to whether we can remain unmoved by any external forces, stay cohesive and concentrate our mighty field of righteous thoughts. On any occasion and at any time, we should maintain pure and righteous thoughts, staying firm and determined. Whenever we come across people who are polluted by lies or hold strong bad notions, we should send forth righteous thoughts with compassion to help set them free. We should kindly clarify the truth to them to help build up their own righteous thoughts, and remain undisturbed ourselves. The false news from the evil will not affect us. The screams and applause from the welcoming crowds that are under its manipulation cannot touch our determined and focused mind, and will not trigger the portion of our human hearts that are not yet well cultivated. We will not be confused by any illusions in this human dimension. At the same time, we will present our pure and serene realm of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" to the public. With the truth presented, the lies will vanish by themselves, and compassion will dissolve all human impurity. Then, the stuff manipulated by the evil will no longer be able to exist, and the evil itself will have no excuse to exist.

Cultivators possess supernormal abilities and can, without using their hands or feet, perform things that everyday people are not able to perform even with their hands and feet. However, only through sending forth pure and righteous thoughts, can we live up to the requirements of Dafa's "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" and supernormal abilities come into play, because supernormal abilities are something of intelligence and are not meant to serve human emotions or impure thoughts. Only when we send forth pure and righteous thoughts, can the Buddha Fa display its mighty power. By the way, wherever the evil head plans to go or pass by, our peaceful protest group should remain calm and untouched, and need not painstakingly follow it in a human manner. Rather, we should thoroughly do well whatever should be done in other dimensions.

"A heart unmoved subdues ten thousand hearts attempting to move." (not official translation)