October 7, 2002


Dear Dad, Mom and Everybody in the Family, How are you!

I haven't been writing, because it is very difficult for me to write letters here. The guards have been trying to force me to write letters to the family stating that I have been "reformed". Because I refused to write such a letter while I was being held in the "Concentration Unit," the guards beat me for an entire afternoon..

An inmate told me a story of a practitioner who was stripped naked and covered with more than a hundred caterpillars, all over his body. Afterwards, they beat him with thorny branches and used electric batons on him. In another practitioner's case, the police would not let him to wear any clothes in the winter and kept him awake, depriving him of sleep.

When I was in the "Concentration Unit," six guards and six inmates watched me. Four of the inmates and one guard escorted me to do labor. In the evening, they would not let me sleep and physically tortured me. Another day, I was even beaten unconscious. Following that day, two inmates painfully bent my fingers from both sides of my body and a third inmate slapped my face. They also used a heavy object to hold down my head. They ordered me to copy the "Letter Criticizing Falun Gong" and I refused, so the guards ordered three inmates to rape me. Later, the warden called over an inmate and yelled at him because he did not beat me hard enough.

On April 20,2002, they organized "A Meeting to Criticize Falun Gong." I stood up and shouted, "Falun Dafa is the righteous way." Then I told everybody there my story of being tortured by the guards. As a result, on May 10, I was sent to the "Concentration Unit" to go through the "reform" process one more time. This time, the guards were even angrier. They kept me awake and would not let me go to bathroom. They also forced me to stand in one position for a long period of time and beat me badly. They used bamboo sticks to hit my knees and ankles. An inmate who beat me told me later he heard the guards tell him that it was fine if my bones broke. While mentally collapsing from the torture, I was forced to hand copy some literature that I should not have copied. I will get them back so that I can destroy them even if I risk my life in doing so. I am also declaring that they are void.

Dafa Practitioner (name omitted) in Yongchuan Jail of Chongqing City

[Note: Due to the strict blockage of information from the Men's Jail in Yongchuan, Chongqing city, the severity of the persecution against the Dafa practitioners inside is difficult to know. However, based on the facts revealed in the above letter, we can see the madness of the persecution from Jiang's regime against Dafa practitioners.]