(Clearwisdom.net) I am a senior journalist on overseas assignment with the CCTV [the state-run China Central Television] International News. I heard about Fu Yibin and the Beijing murder case while traveling abroad. The following are my comments on the case.

Any news regarding Falun Gong is categorized as "top news" by CCVT. All Falun Gong "news" is drafted by a confidential group of "reporters" from the office of the Managing Editor following the political directives of various departments. Reporters in the News Department are not allowed to conduct real-life interviews regarding Falun Gong. Reporting is done secretly by a special group of people. In fact, those of us in the News Department don't want to be involved in the fabrication of such news and want to have nothing to do with it. We know clearly that the news is false. Who would want to work on it?

The special group is composed of corrupt reporters and politically reliable editors under the direct control of the National Security Bureau.

Zhao Yimei (alias)

December 27, 2001