It has been learned from insiders that the Lingyuan City Police Department fabricated evidence to frame Falun Gong.

Gong Wei, a young lady of Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province was arrested for buying goods with counterfeit currencies then reselling them. Her mother was anxious to save her from being sentenced to prison and used up all her savings in order to bribe various officials in charge of the case. Before the sentencing, her mother had borrowed from all sources in order to establish connections with relevant officials involved with the case. In the end, she was still short of 40,000 Yuan RMB (nearly seven years' average salary in urban areas). Gong Wei's mother came up with a wicked idea at her moment of crisis. She remembered a certain Dr. Ling and his wife who were known to be very kind toward others, and she thought they must have some savings since they had been running a clinic of their own for quite a few years. She then conspired with her husband and successfully kidnapped Dr. Ling's son and then the couple left the doctor and his wife a ransom note. It read, "Exchange your son with payment." She was arrested at home when she went back to find out how things were going. The police were fully aware that she never practiced Falun Gong. Still, during the interrogation they demanded from her several times: As long as you make the claim on TV that you practice Falun Gong, we will then not put you through criminal prosecution, instead you will be allowed to go home. She accepted their evil offer, and agreed to make the claim and then cooperated with the police to be videotaped. At the end of August 1999, Liaoning Provincial TV Station broadcast the fabricated report in its news program calling it the so-called incident of "a young person kidnapped by Falun Gong people" to frame Falun Dafa. However, what is false cannot be made true, and the truth will eventually come out.

Also it was learned that the police did not keep their promise to the "leading actors" of this fabricated news report -- the primary perpetrators of the kidnap case. This couple and their daughter have all been prosecuted.

We don't know what this couple's feelings are after they realized that they had been cheated. However they had committed serious crimes against Falun Dafa out of ignorance. How sad it is that they started out to hurt others and in the end hurt themselves! People all around really should take this as a lesson and learn from this tragedy.