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A Few Examples of Immediate Retribution in This Lifetime That Have Happened in Beijing

  1. Li Qian, the Deputy Chief of Beijing Public Security Bureau No. 14, never spares any effort in capturing Falun Gong practitioners. During the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), he fell and broke his leg and was hospitalized.
  2. A Beijing practitioner's college classmate, age 28, does not respect Dafa. He even had the evil idea of using material that slanders Dafa to shoot a TV program in order to make money. In July of 2001, his leg was suddenly fractured when he was in a place of entertainment, and when the doctor did a general check-up on him, he was found to have a large tumor.
  3. An elderly woman who is part of the neighborhood committee from Haihuxili, of Yangqiao area in Beijing, puts a lot of effort every day into checking for, searching out, and confiscating all Falun Gong materials that clarify the truth about what is happening. She readily cooperates with Jiang Zemin's regime. Recently this elderly woman suddenly got sick and became bed ridden. It has been nearly a month and she still has not recovered.
  4. A practitioner's friend who is an everyday person, female, 32, was deceived by the media and the television, and thus had very bad thoughts toward Dafa and slandered Dafa in public. She did not regret it despite practitioners telling her many times that this was not good for her. Since April of this year, her whole body has ached and she has not been able to sleep at night. During a physical exam, four kinds of inflammation were found on her body and they are getting more serious everyday. Jiang's rogue government has really done great harm to people.

A Policeman in Hubei Province Experiences Severe Retribution

Liu Xueming is a policeman in the Jiangan District police substation in Wuhan city, and he is 60 years old. Ever since April 25 of 1999 (the date when thousands of Falun Gong practitioners went to the Appeals Office in Beijing), he has enthusiastically confiscated Falun Gong material in order to get a promotion. Surprisingly, those above him neither acknowledged his work nor promoted him to a higher rank. Shortly after they even ordered him to retire. This year during the peak of the oppression of Falun Gong, his unit re-hired him to continue persecuting Dafa. He was fired afterwards, so he had no choice but to return home to just take care of his grandson. Unexpectedly, his beloved grandson did three things to him that served as retribution: dropped and broke his bifocals; tore his policeman's certificate in half; and punched him and broke one of his ribs.

A Policeman in Jilin Province Experiences Severe Retribution

Jiang Hua is male, 38 years old, and works as a policeman with the Liaoyuan City, Dongshan District police station. He is very hostile toward Dafa, always viciously slanders Dafa and treats Dafa practitioners extremely brutally. Before New Year's Day of 2000, he forcefully detained Dafa practitioner Gao Jia and arrested him without giving any evidence of wrongdoing. The practitioner was illegally held in a labor camp for a few months. As of today, Dafa practitioner Chen Zengfu is still detained in Baiquan Labor Camp. Before detaining Gao Jia, the policeman was in good health, but after that he suddenly got so ill that he had to be hospitalized. He has now been in the hospital for a few months. He had found blood in his urine, and the doctor diagnosed him with having intestinal cancer.