1) Mi Fengjun, the former Secretary-General of the Party in Changchun city, Jilin province, received retribution.

Mi was the chief criminal who persecuted Dafa practitioners in Changchun City. Recently he was found to be involved in a smuggling case. This evil guy once issued licenses to 70 smuggled cars, and has been disciplined by the Party for bribery and corruption. He now suffers from various diseases of his internal organs. On July 1, he was formally expelled from his position.

For this vicious being who sent thousands of practitioners to prisons, labor camps, and brainwashing classes, it is just the beginning of retribution. We hereby warn the vicious officials in Changchun: stop the crimes immediately; otherwise your future will be similar to Li's.

2) The policemen of the vehicle administration section of the traffic department of Changchun public security bureau were arrested.

This administration section had used vehicles to send practitioners to labor camps on many occasions since July 20. Now more than a dozen of the policemen there have been arrested for accepting bribes in issuing licenses to smuggled cars. There were more than 20 that were involved.

3) A teacher hostile to Dafa died of a serious illness.

Liu Guoliang, a young teacher at a college in northeast China, was always hostile to

Dafa after he was transferred illegally to the college. After July 20, he completely

opposed Dafa. A short time ago he suddenly died of a serious illness. We hereby warn

everyone: be serious with your own lives. Hostility towards Dafa will result in the elimination of your lives forever.

4) A couple who betrayed Dafa lost their lives in a traffic accident.

Gao Xiang, the former contact person of a Dafa assistance center in a northeast China, and his wife had been cooperating with the evil since July 20. They distributed fake Jingwen (articles written by Teacher Li) among the practitioners and tried to persuade them not to go to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. In the summer of 2000, the couple died in a traffic accident on the way home. They attended Teacher's lectures several times and gained physical and mental health from Dafa, but finally they met with calamity after betraying Dafa. Those who have not yet stepped out to validate the Fa and have made mistakes during cultivation should learn a lesson and treasure this unprecedented opportunity for cultivation.

5) Policemen met with retribution for extorting practitioners.

The policemen headed by Liu Miao in Weichang police station of Paishan county, Liaoning province, often extorted local practitioners under the name of collecting a deposit to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal. Initially, they forced the practitioners to hand over 2,000 Yuan per person. Later, they increased the "deposit" to 5,000 Yuan and even 10,000 Yuan in one case. They never gave a receipt or specified any term for the deposit. Moreover, they extorted money from practitioners in various other ways. This caused severe difficulties for many practitioners. However, it is a heavenly law that good will be rewarded by good and evil by evil, and the persecution of Dafa will meet with a bad end. Recently, the chief Liu Miao broke his legs in a traffic accident. He is still walking with crutches. This is the beginning of his retribution for what he did. Falun Dafa is the truth of the universe, so I sincerely hope all policemen will stop following Jiang Zemin and cease their evil actions. Otherwise, only a miserable end awaits you. You should think about your future and that of your family.