[Minghui Net] I am a young Dafa practitioner, currently in third grade. With my own eyes I saw retribution given for slandering Dafa. In order to awaken more people, following I will briefly retell the whole story.

  1. Twice this semester during teaching time, our class principal made slanderous comments about Dafa. As a result, she became ill and was hospitalized twice. A few days ago, while riding her bike, a truck hit her and she went to the hospital for the third time. Even now she still has great difficulty teaching by speaking because of severe throat pain. She has to rely on hand gestures. Not only did she bring discomfort upon herself, our class progress was also delayed.
  2. The class bully created constant problems. One morning during a Chinese language class he made up a sentence cursing the law of the universe. Right at that moment I sent out the righteous thoughts "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated." And he got stuck in his sentence after merely uttering, "oh.... oh..." for a while, and then said, "Teacher, I can't go on anymore..." During recess that afternoon, some upperclassmen beat him hard although he had always pushed others around and no one dared to bother him.