[Minghui Net] Female Dafa practitioner Liu Tao is 27 years old, holds a junior college degree, and is a resident of the Tangu District in Shijiazhuang City. Since July 20, 1999, policemen from Yudong station often went to illegally search her home and detain her. From October 1999 to May 2000, Liu Tao went to Beijing three times to appeal for Falun Dafa and was detained each time. Toward the end of October 2000, she was arrested again for clarifying the truth. Du Yamin, the director of the Yudong police office, sent her to a detention center and illegally held her there for one month. Later, she was transferred to the No.5 Unit of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp for 3 years of forced labor. Now she is in the No.1 Unit of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp.

We have heard that personnel in the labor camp's No.1 Unit are treating Dafa practitioners with coercive measures. Under menacing circumstances, they force practitioners to write the "guarantee statement" [A statement guaranteeing that practitioners will no longer practice Falun Dafa]. Female practitioner Bai Caiping from Shijiazhuang City was continuously tortured for 7 days and was not allowed any sleep because she refused to write the "guarantee statement."

At about 7am on May 10, Liu Tao was forced to jump from the 4th floor of a building in an attempt to escape being tortured. She received severe injuries, and her condition was critical. But the No.1 Unit of the labor camp ignored her plight and refused to provide any medical treatment. Not until 11am, when Liu Tao started to show symptoms of internal bleeding and shock, was she sent to Hebei Province People's Hospital. By this time she had already lost a great deal of blood due to the intentional withholding of medical treatment. Although the hospital gave her ten units of blood, she remained in a coma.

On May 18, without informing Liu Tao's family, the authorities of the labor camp ordered Wang Yanbing, a guard in No.1 unit, to illegally sign the permission papers on behalf of Liu Tao's family. Then, Liu Tao was given surgery. Twenty-six days later, Liu Tao was sent back to No.1 Unit and placed on the ground in a small detention cell. Nine bones in her body were fractured, and most these were compound fractures. She had a large hematoma (a swelling filled with blood) on her head. Her whole body was covered with plaster casts and many bones were held together with steel rods. Her relatives were not permitted to take care of her and she was extremely weak. No.1 Unit did not permit Liu Tao to be bailed out for medical treatment, because they were afraid that the way they had tortured her would be exposed. They even forced Liu Tao to "admit" that she was attempting to "commit suicide."

The brutal torture of Dafa practitioners in various labor camps has gone to the extreme and has even surpassed it. We call on all practitioners' relatives to collectively visit them, demand their release, and resist all of these unlawful deeds. Do not let another tragedy such as that of Ms. Zhao Xin [A university teacher who died of torture in Beijing] happen again.

Upon reading this article, let all Dafa practitioners send forth righteous thoughts. Support fellow practitioners detained in jails with that side of us which has been successfully cultivated. Help our fellow practitioners to collectively "eliminate the evil" and walk out of these dens of iniquity.

Responsible personnel and criminals in this case:

Shijiazhuang Labor Camp and No.1, 3, 5 Units Telephone Operator: 011-86-311-7754007

Wang Yanbing, director of No.1 Unit: 011-86-311-7754007 ext 276

Wu Yuliang, director of the labor camp, 011-86-311-7754007 ext 210

Zhao Yunlong, director of the labor camp, ask the operator (011-86-311-7754007) to transfer the phone calls

Wang Bingfang, political committee director; ask the operator to transfer the phone calls to Labor Camp Appealing Center, hot line: 011-86-311-7752225

Yudong Police Office: 011-86-311-5661524, 5661356

Du Yamin, director, he was particularly abusive and has illegally put 19 Dafa practitioners into labor camps.

Reported by Dafa practitioners on June 22, 2001