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(3) The Pure Universe Awaits Our Return; Let's Stride Forward

Less than a week after I began to practice Dafa, I decided to practice alone at home, because I didn't like having contact with others and didn't want to be involved in complex interpersonal relations. Right then, Master allowed me to see a majestic golden Buddha, and the Buddha flew to me gracefully without a word. I understood how humble and tiny I was. I realized cultivation practice was such a serious matter that we shouldn't try to arrange it at will by ourselves.

One time, probably before the New York Experience Sharing Conference in 1998, after studying diligently daily and painstakingly doing Fa-spreading activities, I felt tired and weary about cultivation practice. Master thus let me see a scene: Under a bright blue sky with sunshine, there was a huge feces pit that had already dried up. Lots of people from all walks of life were busy inside the pit. Many practitioners and I were among them. Every practitioner was mainly cleaning up him or herself. It was very clean outside the pit, but in the pit everybody had on harsh, filthy clothes. Some practitioners didn't have a sense of urgency--they spent a lot of time chatting, or weren't concentrating when doing things. I kept on earnestly cleaning the dirt off of my body, until only two smears remained on my clothes. I suddenly straightened my back and spoke about irrelevant things with others. At that moment, a majestic sound like a thunderclap resounded above my head. I looked up, and outside the pit there was a saint dressed in white. (I naturally knew who he was, as he also appeared in another situation to enlighten me to discard another kind of attachment. He intended to use the hood on his white clothes to cover his face.) He was looking at me seriously under the blue sky. There was an animal like livestock beside him that was carrying on its back a complete set of clean clothes and other things. The clothes were snow white and pure from the inside out, and they were extremely soft. At that time a certain feeling shook my mind: The entire universe has already been cleaned up, everything has been prepared for you, just waiting for you... But you... (The saint didn't speak, but with one glance, the words were already relayed.)

Looking back, I see that every step taken on the long journey of cultivation practice is directed by the great Dafa and protected by Master. Everything Master has done has been for the goodness of the new universe and all beings, especially for the benefit of the practitioners who have obtained the Dafa during the time of Fa-rectification. No matter what excuse we have in the human world, if we cannot assimilate with Dafa and keep up with how the Fa-rectification is progressing above, it will be too late when we see the truth (all of us will see that moment when the truth is revealed).

(4) Experience with the Eighteen Arhats

Finally, I would like to mention one thing that happened at least three years ago. One day, the Eighteen Arhats brought me to a place in heaven. They had me stand by waiting while they took care of some things. Soon, under the leadership of the Eighteen Arhats, Gods and Buddhas as well as all living beings from a certain kingdom in heaven came towards me. I thought, an important ceremony will be held here, and it will be good to have a look. The beings, overjoyed, were bustling about preparing, and I joyfully looked on. But unexpectedly, when it was ready and everybody took his or her position, the Eighteen Arhats and the Gods came to invite me to sit on the throne, with great respect...

After the sacred, grand ceremony, the Eighteen Arhats led the Gods over to say goodbye to me. When they instantly went away with an auspicious cloud clustering around them and vanishing, I again took on a human image, sitting in meditation in pain. I thought afterwards that it seems there is precise arrangement and an extremely serious reason for everything in the universe. The higher-level, immeasurably profound Gods are in control of everything. All the Gods, Buddhas, living beings and practitioners in lower levels only need to follow the arrangements of the higher-level Gods. (By the way, except for the time in my childhood when I saw the 500 Arhat Statues in Beijing's western suburbs, I had no knowledge about the Eighteen Arhats--I just knew the word from the dictionary. Never before did I have a chance to know much about them.)

From the experience, I have felt even more how boundless Dafa is. Human beings (and even Dafa practitioners) cannot imagine how profound, magnificent, and sacred are the boundless universe, with its infinite wonders created by the great Dafa, and all things Master has prepared for all living beings and the new universe. In the face of whatever illusion or tribulation, we practitioners who have obtained Dafa during this great time should be confident and stand firmly with Master and Dafa. Moreover, a practitioner is the best person among good people. Keep this in mind, and we won't underestimate our ability to assist Teacher in the process of Fa-rectification, and we won't confuse ourselves with ordinary people due to karma and evil interference. Only then can we do Dafa work actively and with wisdom.


The above experience is only my personal experience. Maybe there is something inappropriate in it, but these experiences have helped me discard human attachments, and especially since "July 20th"--the Chinese government's brutal crackdown on Falun Gong--they have played an important role in my determination in Dafa and in assisting Master in rectifying Dafa. With further cultivation, I will enlighten further, until I become one pure particle in this boundless Dafa.

Practitioner outside of China

April 2001