I am 48 years old and have practiced Falun Gong for 5 years. I want to tell you about a few wonderful things that I have seen.

1. My daughter's eyes are healed

My daughter is a college student who has not practiced Falun Gong. I have tried to persuade her to practice several times, but she is not interested. One day, her eyes became red. All the medicine she tried failed to work, so she stayed home for 3 days. I thought that it would be nice if she could read the Falun Dafa book. At that time, I was reading a Dafa book that mentions humans from other planets. I told my daughter, "Come read this paragraph. It's about foreign living beings." She said that she didn't want to read, but I persuaded her that it was very interesting and she should read it as soon as possible. She hesitated, but began to read. After reading for only 5 minutes, to my surprise, she jumped up suddenly and cried out loudly, "My eyes are healed!" I took a look and found that her eyes were not red anymore.

2. A story about a flower

One day, a relative and I bought the same pots of flowers. Both of them were very beautiful. Their buds had just began to blossom. One week later, she came to my home and said that my flower looked so lovely, while hers had already withered. Another week past and again she came to my home and told me that my flower had blossomed so well that I must be an expert. The 3rd week, my flower still looked very nice. The 4th week, my relative could not help asking me, "Why did my flower only blossom for one week, but yours has lasted so long even though it only got watered once a week when I came to your home?" Suddenly, I understood that practitioners who practice Falun Dafa are surrounded with a strong energy field, and this prolonged the life of the flower.

3. Story about burdock

I have a vegetable garden at home. Due to lack of time, I don't take care of it very well, but it always grows nicely. Whenever I plant the seeds, it always rains in time. One summer, I planted a bunch of burdock. When it was time to harvest them, a piece of burdock grew in a strange shape. Generally the root of burdock is thin and long, but in the middle of this special one, there were two branches of root crossing each other like conjoining hands. At the upper position, there was an area that looked like a kind face. It faced the room where Teacher's picture was hanging. This burdock grew very big and thick, much bigger than average. It was one and a half feet long.

4. Story about the moles

During one summer, I saw that the field had hardened. Speaking to myself I said, "It will be great if the hard mud would loosen." The following day, I found many holes drilled by small moles. I took a careful look and found that the holes they had drilled in the leek field were very close to the leeks. Again speaking to myself, I said, "You should not have helped me like this even if you wanted to. How can the leeks survive if their roots are not in the mud? The holes should be besides the plants." The next day, again I took a look and found that all new holes had been drilled around the plants and the field became very soft and pliable. Your feet would sink if you were to walk on the field.