This year, from May 4th to the 6th, German practitioners participated in a New Age Exploration Fair in Hanover, Germany. They made three speeches during the fair and introduced Falun Gong from a variety of angles, such as medicine, health, cultivation, etc. At the end of the fair, more than a dozen people had left their contact information and indicated that they would like to come to learn Falun Gong.

Many people who came to the fair had been practicing Qi Gong for a long time. One man said he had practiced yoga for 40 years. However, they all knew that none of the Qi Gong systems they had learned could answer the question they bore in mind: "Why am I here in this world?" When a young man heard that Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance are the primary principles of the universe, he said, "I was always searching for something like this. I always thought there must be something that could answer all of my questions, and explain the meaning of life." We told him, "A Falun Gong seminar has just begun in Hall No. 2 right now. Go quickly!" Besides this young man, there were a lot of other fortunate souls at the fair. One lady heard us say that the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, as the principal characteristic of the universe, is the foundation of all morality, and that anyone who deviates from it will go astray. She responded with emotion, "Nowadays those three words are extremely important for us. I'll learn this for sure. I'll wait until your seminar starts at 6 p.m. even if I have to sit here and drink coffee for the rest of the time. Nowadays, it's so rare to find anyone mentioning those three words."

Many people who watched our demonstration of the exercises felt a very strong energy field. An old woman exclaimed, "When you were doing the exercises, as soon as I stretched out my hands, I could feel energy coming into my body through my hands." Another person noted, "From the faces of the practitioners who were doing the exercises, I could see that this cultivation way (Falun Gong) has extraordinary energy. Such energy is not superficial, but comes from deep within."

After participating in the seminar, many people then came to our exhibition table. Some looked around, while others talked in depth with the practitioners. Some immediately started to learn the exercises. Many asked to buy Dafa books and instruction videotapes and some were interested in going to the practice sites. One man even visited our table seven times!

Many people were especially surprised when they learned that all teachings of Falun Gong are free, and all of our books and videotapes can be downloaded online for free. Other exhibition tables were charging as much as 100 Deutsche Marks for a single consultation. The host of the fair also told us, "People of all other exhibition tables came to make money; you were the only ones who genuinely came for the good of others. I hope you will come again next time. I'll leave you an extra space next to your table for you to demonstrate the exercises."

Many people, especially those who came just for the fair, had all felt that there was a "truth" in the universe that they had been looking for their entire lives. In order to untie the knots in their hearts, some had even gone to India and China many times in search of salvation. Just as one of the visitors told us, "I just believed that this 'real' thing would be found in China. For some reason, I have always had this intuition."