[China] Fearing the Truth, Jiang Zemin's Criminal Regime Issued Secret Order to Heavily Sentence Dafa Practitioners

Documents issued by several provincial governments revealed that Jiang Zemin's criminal regime has ordered them to "heavily sentence those [practitioners] who can not be 'reformed'" by May 1. All practitioners who are illegally detained or previously sentenced to forced labor and cannot be "reformed" will be sentenced to imprisonment. The term of imprisonment would vary depending on individuals. The shortest term would be 3 to 7 years.

Under pressure from the international community and fearing that Dafa practitioners are clarifying the truth and spreading Dafa to the criminals in jails and detention centers, Henan Province decided to collectively detain the Dafa practitioners who were illegally sentenced in several places. They have started to build new jails in Xinxiang City, Pingdingshan City and Kaifeng City. Two of the new jails are for male practitioners. The other one is for female practitioners. They plan to complete the secret sentences of all Dafa practitioners who are in custody before the middle of May.

Before May 1, relatives of some detained Dafa practitioners received the "verdict statements" for their family members. Among them, the shortest term for imprisonment was 3 years.

Around May 1, police harassed some practitioners' families. They said, "Some Falun Gong practitioners went to appeal in Beijing. The upper government required us to closely watch your activities during your teacher's birthday and the May 1st holiday to prevent you from going to Beijing."

[Beijing] Beijing Haidian District Detention Center Beat up and Humiliated Female Dafa Practitioners

When I was detained in a female cell in Haidian District Detention Center, Beijing, I witnessed the criminal acts conducted by some vicious policemen.

A policeman rode on and beat a 36-year-old female practitioner Han from Hunan Province. She was beaten to the ground and rolled back and forth in pain. She was covered with bruises all over. Police also insulted her and sexually harassed her.

Three policemen used electric batons to shock a 46-year-old female practitioner Zhao from Shuangcheng City of Heilongjiang Province. They didn't stop the beating until she lost consciousness. They told her, "You are old. Otherwise, we will throw you into the male cell." They did not allow Dafa practitioners to get any sleep for several days. They even pricked some Dafa practitioner's eyes with needles, which made them too swollen to open.

[Xingtai City, Hebei Province] Police in Xingtai City Insulted the Daughter of a Dafa Practitioner

At 10am on April 26, 2001, 5 policemen from Qiaodong Police Substation arrived at my home in 2 police cars to arrest me. Among them was Director Bai, who was in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, and Liu Guimin from Nanchang Street Police Station (He was the major criminal who persecuted Dafa practitioners since July 20, 1999.) I was not at home at the time. They detained my daughter instead. Before they left, they said they would only ask her a few questions and then send her back. However, my daughter was handcuffed without any explanation once she was brought in. She was not a practitioner and she had 2 young children. The little one was still breast-feeding. She talked with them politely all the time. But they did not allow her go back home. In the end, at 9pm on April 27, our family was informed to pick her up after handing in 1,000 Yuan (about $250, $60 is monthly average income in China). They asked her to find out where I was. A police Liu from Nanchang Street Police Station even sexually harassed my daughter twice.

[Yanqing County, Beijing] Officials Unlawfully Persecuted Dafa Practitioners in Yanqing County

Before May 1, Jiang Zemin's criminal regime issued a new order that every practitioner be "reformed". Some officials in Yanqing County Government went from door to door to force Dafa practitioners to sign guarantee statements. If practitioners refused, they would force their families to sign. They threaten the practitioners that if they refuse to sign, they would be sent to labor camps.

On the night of April 30, the Politics and Law Committee of Yanqing County forcibly gathered some practitioners to attend a "reform class". They used police forces to arrest those practitioners who refused to attend the class. Practitioners were not allowed to go back home for 7 days. Everyone was separated in individual rooms. In the name of holding a "class," they were actually illegally detaining the practitioners. The class was held at Yanqing County Farm Mechanic Bureau. Seventeen practitioners were detained there.

[China] Good will be Met with Good Rewards, and Evil with Evil Returns

There were 3 administrative units in a village of Northern China. Recently, among the 3 security unit heads who were in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, one was injured in a traffic accident, another was often beaten up on the street at night, and the third was wounded by an electric saw as he was preparing to detain practitioners during a holiday, and had to stay in bed. The local villagers all understand this is retribution. Now when other officials came to talk with practitioners, they would only stay for 5 minutes and dare not talk too much, because they felt bad after a long talk.

The practitioners in the village have kept on clarifying the truth. Now they can collectively practice the exercises everyday without any interference.

[Hefei City, Anhui Province] Dafa Practitioner Wu Xiaohua, an Associate Professor from Anhui Province Construction and Industrial Institute in Hefei City, was Illegally Detained Again

It was said that after July 20, 1999, practitioner Wu Xiaohua (female) was detained in a detention center and tortured in a mental hospital for one and half years. As she could not study the Fa (Law or Great Principles) or practice the exercises for a long time, she was confused by the intensive evil interference. Forced by the police, she wrote the breakup [breaking away from Dafa] statement, repentant statement, guarantee statement and criticism statement. After studying Teacher's new articles, she was very regretful and came back to the course of Fa-rectification. She actively clarified the truth and exposed the vicious forces. Recently, she was followed by special agents and illegally detained again.

It was said, from another information source, that practitioner ZhangYu from Hefei City was forced to leave home, and wander about.

[Xingtai City, Hebei Province] Xingtai City police Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

Since the arrival of April, several groups of plain-clothes police have been intruding into people's homes to arrest people at night after they fell asleep. Dafa practitioners and their family members as well as neighbors were often woken up in the night and could not maintain their normal lives. Seniors and children were very upset. Some of them became sick because they were so frightened.

These people claimed that they were policemen from City Police Department. Sometimes they also claimed they were special case groups but dared not to tell their names. They often set up offices in hotels and inns. They verbally abused and persecuted Dafa practitioners and their families. They often cancelled practitioners and their family members' resident registrations and "fined" them at will. They deceived practitioners, tricked them into coming out and sent them to the Ren County Legal System Education Center for forced "reform".

[China] Jiang Zemin's Criminal Regime Broke People's Families

During the May 1st holiday, I came across a fellow practitioner who had been wandering about over 1 month. He was expelled from the Party and his job because he refused to give up his cultivation practice. His wife stayed at home to take care their child. During the holiday, he went back home to visit for only one day. He heard that the street office would send him to the "reform" class so he had to leave home again. He had no idea when he could come back again to take care of his family. When he left, his wife and daughter did not have anything to say. He could only see the sadness and worry on their faces. His daughter was speechless and did not know when she could see her father again. His wife had to take on the burden and she was worried about his safety. They did not know whether they could reunite again.

Now Jiang Zemin's criminal regime is trying to forcibly "reform" Dafa practitioners using all indecent means used by gangster groups, including kidnapping, enticing, threatening, etc. Not cooperating with these evils, Dafa practitioners had to leave their homes and wander about. During the May 1st holiday, I met some of them and heard many stories about these practitioners.

[Yunnan Province] The Jail Guards Persecuted Dafa Practitioners

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I am a diligent worker and an honest person in life. Yet, I was put in jail by Yunnan Province policemen for no reason and without any legal procedure.

In jail, they "interrogated" me several times, trying to coerce me into writing a "Repentant Statement" and sell out other fellow practitioners. Instead of cooperating with them, I told them Falun Dafa was the righteous Fa. It was Jiang Zemin who is wrong by framing and defaming Dafa. Falun Gong practitioners have not done anything wrong. While I was clarifying the truth to them I kept one thing in my mind, "I will spread the universal Dafa wherever I go." I talked about Dafa and its principles to the 15 inmates in the same cell while I was doing labor with them. Taking the risk of wearing 38 kg [over 80 lbs] shackles (only applied to the criminals who are sentenced to death penalty and are awaiting execution), I told them the principles of being a human being. When I left the No. 3 jail cell, except one inmate who was awaiting execution, everybody had listened to the principles of Dafa. Six of them learned the exercises, and two of them decided to practice cultivation.

We were forced to pick 6 to 10 kg [13- 22 lbs] dry hot peppers everyday. Those who could not finish the heavy loaded work were punished by being forced to squat down for 24 hours. Fifteen "criminals" stayed in one cell that was 10 square meters [about 108 square feet]. We were forced to work with the hot peppers for 24 hours, eating 2 meals of salt boiled cabbages. When relatives and friends came to visit, the guards told them, " What is it like in jail? Jail means money. Hand in more money, otherwise your relatives will suffer in the 'discipline cell'." During 2 weeks, 2 people from our cell were extorted out of 3,000 to 4,000 Yuan.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] The Criminal Act of Persecuting Dafa Practitioners in Hewan Detention Center

Wuhan City Hewan Detention Center detained over 400 Dafa practitioners. Since the New Year, practitioners have been constantly sent here for illegal detention. During the May 1st holiday, many more practitioners were sent in.

There are a total of 8 teams in Hewan Detention Center. Male practitioners are mainly detained in Team 2. Since the guards are afraid of the strong influence from the determined practitioners, they separated them into other teams. Female practitioners are detained in Team 4, 6 and 8.

Recently, some "reformed" people are awakening after reading Master's new article "Suggestion". They wrote Solemn Statements and decided to cultivate firmly. In the male team, there are over 50 practitioners who wrote the Solemn Statements so that the officials dared not to accept Dafa practitioners' statements any more. There are also many female practitioners awakening. A female practitioner named Liu was deceived into being "reformed" after 56 days of hunger strike. After being released, she read Master's new article and was awakened. She went back to the detention center and spoke out loud to the windows of the cells detaining Dafa practitioners, "Being 'reformed' is wrong. That is not the arrangement of Master. Please remain clear-headed!"

Currently, what the officials fear most is Master's new articles. They tried all measures to keep the articles away. They watched the practitioners who have not been "reformed" closely, do not allow them to see their relatives or even the "reformed" practitioners. These practitioners are being watched by drug abusers and thieves. They are even escorted when they go to the bathroom. Previously, the guards did not pay much attention to the "reformed" practitioners. Now they are stricter with the rules, repeatedly examining the stuff brought in by their relatives. The practitioners who cannot be "reformed" will not be released even when they have served the full terms. Their terms are deferred with various excuses. For example, a male practitioner who is over 50 years old has been put off for anther 3 months just because he told another practitioner: "Take the Fa as Teacher." They punished him by taking away 3,600 credit score from his record and adding another 36 days to his term. They will find other excuses to detain him if the due date comes again and he still cannot be transformed. Chen Yong, the team leader who is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, sighed to himself, " I must have been put on the name list of the vicious people by now."

According to Dafa practitioners from Hanyang District in Wuhan City, before the May 1st holiday, officials from the street offices went to Dafa practitioners' homes to collect money. They asked each practitioner to hand in 3,000 Yuan to ease the financial problem of the government. Some practitioners were forced to hand in the money. The receipt shows, "We received deposit of 3,000 Yuan. At the end of December, if you do not (1) go to Beijing, (2) distribute Dafa flyers or (3) contact other Dafa practitioners, the money will be refunded; otherwise, it will be kept as the fine."

[China] Dafa Practitioners in Different Places have been Illegally Sentenced to Forced Labor

On April 24, practitioner Huang Guoxiong (male) from Hebei Province was illegally arrested at Tiananmen Square. He was expelled from his work unit and illegally sentenced to 3 years forced labor.

It was said that Beijing Dafa practitioner He Yi was arrested at the beginning of this year. He (She?) was probably sentenced to forced labor. We call for close attention from kind-hearted people.

On April 9, 2001, Pan Zhaorui and Zhang Puyuan, determined Dafa practitioners from Jilin City [Jilin Province], disappeared after they went to Changchun City, Jilin Province, to distribute Dafa truth materials. Practitioners in Jilin City are worried about them very much. They may have been persecuted by the evil!