[Minghui Net] I am a retired teacher and I am 81-years old this year. On July 21st 1995, I was fortunate enough to visit a Falun Dafa practice site and begin my path of cultivation. I deeply feel the power of Falun Dafa and the boundless care and protection that Teacher Li gives to true practitioners.

Soon after I went to the practice site, I watched the videotapes of Teacher's lectures and felt very happy. Because I had heard the principles and understood the truth, I made up my mind to begin cultivating seriously. One day, after I finished watching the video, I was going to take a bus home. Just as I walked to the edge of the road, two cars rushed towards me quickly. I stopped walking right away and stayed where I was, but one of the cars still struck me. The car drove away while I was lying on the ground. I understood what had happened and why it had happened. There was nobody around me, except one car that had stopped in front of a red light. The driver asked me, "Are you OK, old lady?" I said, "I'm fine." Then I stood up slowly and walked to the bus stop. I knew that Teacher was protecting me.

My stool had been very dry ever since I was in elementary school. This condition had lasted 70 years. In the past, I only had a bowel movement once every two or three days, sometimes once a week. Each time, it took twenty to thirty minutes. Medicine didn't work for me. Sometimes, I needed to use an enema. I kept on taking laxatives and medicine for lubricating the bowels. If I ate too much, it made my stomach and bowels feel so painful that I could almost not bear it. After I began cultivation practice, I could go to bathroom regularly like other people do. Because my body became healthy, my mood became good also.

One day after practice, I was changing buses to go home. There were many people at the bus stop, and I thought that I was elderly, I should not push and squeeze in with others. I would wait until other people got on the bus first. But I never imagined that the bus door would close just as I put my foot on the first step. I shouted, "The door's caught my foot!" But the bus began to move forward, still with my foot caught. It traveled several meters. People on the bus all shouted, "The door's caught somebody!" Finally, the bus stopped. Because I was old, people were all shocked and came to console me. I could not speak a word, but I was not afraid. I knew that Teacher would protect me so that I would be fine. I slowly moved my hands and feet and stood up. People helped me get on the bus and they all found it strange that such an old lady had not been hurt even with the bus dragging her so far. It was amazing. I told them I was practicing Falun Dafa.

I appreciate from my heart such a good Dafa.