I am 66 years old this year and I have practiced Falun Dafa for over 5 years. Before, I was just an ordinary woman working in a textile factory. Because I rotated three work shifts, year in and year out, I couldn't sleep well or get a complete night's rest. I was suffering from many illnesses. The most severe one was hypertension. In those days, I was dizzy and dozed all the time; I would even collapse to the ground while walking. My blood pressure was always at around 250~260 (systolic pressure) / 130~120 (diastolic pressure) mmHg. I had to take a great deal of medicine daily. If I didn't take the medicine, my blood pressure would rise immediately. Due to the impact of my high blood pressure, the burden on my heart increased. As a result, I suffered from coronary heart disease, often having angina, which created so much pain that it was hard to get the medicine out of my own pocket. My illnesses frequently showed their effects on me. Once it happened, I had to go through a long period of treatment (15~20 days) with a large quantity of intravenous drips. Because my health was extremely weak, later, I suffered from kidney illnesses such as lumbago, and edema that made my face very swollen. Consequently, my body became weaker and weaker and I had a low immune response to disease. I also was required to take a large amount of medicine for long periods of time, which later caused me to have liver problems. More painful was my osteoproliferation of the lumbar vertebra. I could not walk. Once I squatted down, I could not get back up; when I stood, I couldn't bend my back. Not only was I not able to take care of myself, but I depended heavily upon my children for assistance. Sending me to the hospital one day and buying my medicine the next, my children were not able to do their jobs well. It was really hard suffering in what felt like a living death. As a result of my excruciating illnesses, I became just like a withered old woman. It felt like one day was like a year. I even held thoughts of dying, in my mind. Just when I couldn't live or die, I received a copy of Zhuan Falun. I started to read it very seriously and carefully. While I was reading Zhuan Falun, I felt that my back did not hurt anymore, my mind also cleared up, and all my illnesses seemed to have improved. At that moment, I was so excited and tears filled my eyes. I went to practice sites and had practitioners teach me the movements. Through practicing Falun Dafa, all my illnesses totally disappeared after one month. I said to my whole family: "Falun Dafa is extremely great! I have no more illnesses! It was my benefactor Teacher Li who had saved me!" Teacher Li said: "As long as you truly practice cultivation, I will make you feel what it's to like to have no illnesses." [Note: not official translation] I have really felt what it is like to have no illnesses. My whole body is light, I walk like the wind, and I feel extremely comfortable. I have already practiced Falun Dafa for 5 years and have not taken one tablet of medicine so far. Because I have no more illnesses, of course, I don't have to take any medicine! At present, I feel that I am very strong and filled with energy. My husband also practices Falun Dafa. Before he did, he had also accumulated all kinds of diseases and ailments. His blood pressure was abnormal and he was often dizzy and dozed off a lot. His major illness was narrowness of the lumbar vertebral canal, which pressed vertebral nerves, and caused pain in his legs so he couldn't walk. Upon seeing a doctor, he had to have someone carry him. He couldn't move while lying on a bed. Although he spent a lot of money taking a lot of medicine, his illnesses didn't heal at all. He really didn't want to live anymore and had written his final will. Ever since my husband started practicing Falun Dafa, all of his illnesses have disappeared. We have saved a lot of money on medical expenses. He can walk smoothly. He can go wherever he wants to. His health is extremely good and his complexion is rosy and healthy. Our children saw us become very healthy. We don't have to see doctors anymore. They can keep their mind on their work. It lifted many burdens. Our whole family became very happy. Practicing Falun Gong truly benefits any country or individual. Because Dafa can benefit one's mind and body, over 100 million people are practicing it worldwide. Only Jiang Zemin and his followers are slandering such a great Dafa [great law and universal principle]. Falun Dafa practitioners all just want to be good people; they want to be people who can benefit society. If Falun Gong were anything like what Jiang Zemin and his followers have denounced it to be, how would there be so many people practicing it in China? How would so many countries and people in the world support Falun Dafa? I hope that virtuous people will use their hearts to learn more about Falun Dafa. April 28, 2001